Australia ABC Open 100% percent contribution

ABC asked us to contribute to their 110% project. They wated a two minute video about our passion for riding unicycles.

Our local TV station asked us for an interview. Aired last night :slight_smile:

Great work guys! That was a really nice little piece about your love of the sport. You’ve got some good skills there too. Hopefully it inspires a few more people to give it a go.


Our last week of school holiday mission was to see how many kids and adults we could get riding so we took some unicycles to our local skate park for 1 hour a day 5-6pm. At last count we had 8 people riding 10-50m fairly consistently. None had been on a unicycle prior to this past week. More proof for me that basic unicycling is not that difficult and achievable for most people. Cheers from Andy @ sunshine unicycles.
PS: we have some video of these sessions on our Sunshine Unicycles Face Book page

Excellent work Andywoo,they presented muni in a positive light.You never know how they will edit the footage until its on air.I wish my news would have a news story like that.