Austin TX, Uni on TV

I was watching the Austin Motorola Marathon on TV this morning. They didn’t feature any uni, but about a dozen times or so I saw one in the background. It was a “tall” chain drive uni. The driver had a cowboy hat on.

Anyone on the list?


Newtouni: Now that you are a unicyclist (even if only training, you’re in) , you will be suprised how many times you actually see uni’s on the tv :slight_smile:

Re: Austin TX, Uni on TV

That’ s called a ‘giraffe’.

Re: Austin TX, Uni on TV

Unfortunately there are tons of riders out there that have yet to stumble upon this forum so we cant really tell, im sure one of us has met the person which is more than likely but i doubt we’d know which person it was.

i thought that would be one of the jugglefest riders because about 6 of us were riding along side the marathon this morning. but no one was on a girafe.


A few weeks ago I found a picture in the newspaper of a kid on a six footer and that was his main transportation around the campus area so I suppose that that could be the guy. Later