austin riders


this is an odd and possibly pointless thread. but i was in austin, texas for springbreak with my crew team (KSRA Juniors from manhattan, ks) and while we were running one day we saw a unicyclist on the trail next to the colorado river. i was wondering if it was at all possible that this person is on here. (aka, if you remember a bunch of guys running on the trail you were unicycling on last week and one of them yelled “ya!!!” at you, in austin tx, respond to this post)

sorry, had to ask

that may have been me. i ride that trail alot. was it around lunch time?

there’s a pic of me in the link below…


that would be amazing if it was you. it would have been around lunchtime, yes. were you wearing a helmet and camelback? what kinda of uni do you ride?

yes, i ride with a helmet and camelbak. i ride a coker. did you check my website (i hope it’s up)? that’s how i usually look while riding.

thats awesome, i think it was probably you. i would have been the short dude in short spandex running with the bigger guy. we were there from kansas for spring training for rowing. small world.