Austin challenges San Antonio - Hockey

Hey San Antonio uni’s,

Since your numbers are growing (Met another unicyclist tonight & I got to ride his COKER!!! ) , I suggest you go out and buy some $20 hockey sticks and come up to Austin for a game of unicycle hockey.

It’s too much fun. We’ve been playing around with hockey for a couple of weeks now. It’s amazing what it does for uni skills.



Very interested! In fact I will be in Austin some evening next week and wanted to see if any of you guys would be up for a ride. I gotta run now, we’ll talk later.


Yes Scott, definitely. Anytime. I’ll PM my phone # to you.




I’m in! But I’m not sure if San Antonio would want me on their team, I can ride a unicycle just fine, but I don’t know how well I could play hockey without a wheel thrown into the picture! :slight_smile:

A few years ago I played a little roller hockey (very informal, no real team), and it really improved my skating. I imagine uni hockey would have the same effect. I have a couple of sticks, what type of puck do you use? Are you guys doing this on your munis? Is unibabyguy in on this? I guess I better start practicing. It sounds like Scott S. and Matt are up for it. This could be good…and painfull.


we have been using a street hockey puck. and today i just bought a street hockey ball. we’ll see how that works.

i have been using mine. a.j. uses a freestyle uni. we just use what we have. and it seems to work. even a coker was used the other day. i’ve ordered a freestyle uni to use. i haven’t received it yet. the tread on my muni is wearing pretty quickly.

yes. he’s been out with us once.

so far we’re just fooling around, trying to steal the puck away from each other and passing it back and forth. we can’t wait to have enough people for an actual game.

let me know when anyone wants to come up. also, i imagine we could find a place to play in san marcos.


I have a hard enough time staying up while just riding my uni, but I’d be willing to give it a try:D :sunglasses:


Unibabyguy hehe i like that heheh

and yes i would be in on this heheh

Unibabyguy thats great heheh

It was a lot of fun the first time I tried it. I started out holding the stick with both hands but found that it was easier to stay on the uni by using one hand. I’ve played ice hockey before and it felt a little like that except when the puck got behind me and I had to maneuver to get it. The best part was chasing down the puck against another player and fighting for possession. If you can ride straight, you can chase the puck. I’d love to get a game going.

Alright, I have a few questions for you guys:

When do you want to try and do this?

Who wants to teach me how to play?

Anyone have a hockey stick I can borrow? :smiley:

Oh yeah, I don’t mind driving to Austin if you guys have a good spot to play.

there really is a unibabyguy well ill be

i llok like a fool heheh and i thought i was the olny baby in austin

Sometimes my fingers are really fat.
At the covention, Darren of Bedford unicycles brought along some hockey sticks and his special puck. He uses some wicks from juggling torches wired together along with a special mixture of white gas and starting fluid. The goals are simple milk crates. They played in an unused parking lot. Flaming puck night hockey on unicycles is quite a spectator sport, but can lead to flaming tired uniycle when properly provoked. Still it was way cool.
I’m not sure when I’ll be able to make it, but would like very much to play -I know the secret (50/50) fuel mixture!
Keep me in the loop and I may show up.
I tried riding at Warda today, but after 1 slow lap decided it was too hot/humid to be out there.

i guess we have some interest in getting together. i imagine a weekend would be best unless you guys are willing to come to austin on a weekday.

here are the rules we have been playing with: you can only hit the puck while riding a uni; try not to hit someone else in the head with the hockey stick.

i bought a hockey stick at Oshman’s this weekend for $10. i now have two. one of which has been mended because i broke it while leaning on it to prevent a dismount (not recommended). anyone can borrow my exta stick if they promise not to break it.

hey jerry, you’re invited too. and austin just acquired another muni, so we’ll call you for a ride out at warda sometime.

After a good group ride on Sunday evening we played around with the hockey thing a little bit and it was a lot of fun. We weren’t really in a big enough area and we were pretty pooped from a couple of hours of riding, but I think we all agreed it would be a blast. We just need to find a time and place when we can all get together.

Hey jugglerobaby, you must need a really long stick to play hockey on a Coker, or might you ride something smaller for that event?


i tryed riding a 28" but that dident feel right so i used my coker which i was more profencient at. I do have a long stick but i still hav to use one hand to play on the coker. But i was holding my own heheh.
thoe this weekend i did work on my little 20" to get it up to riding level but it is old and decreped


The intimidation factor of the Coker may give you some advantage.

While I have you Austin guys on, I will be in Austin on Thursday and ready to ride somewhere around 6:00, maybe earlier if you want.
You can email me at