Aussie Torker lx uni suppliers

Hi Everyone,

I’m wanting to learn to ride and from what i have seen a lot of people recommend the Torker lx as a good starter. Does anyone know where i can buy a 20 inch black uni from (and how much)??? Some i’ve looked won’t ship to Aussieland or it costs as much as the unicycle itself.

around what price is your budget? Australia or New Zealand.

Probably somewhere around AU$200. Either that or there are Axis unicycles for around 170 but i haven’t heard much about them. Just thought the black lx wouldn’t rust as easy.

just looked at the axis unicycle and it will probably only be good for learning and anything after that will break it.

For learning the lx is one of the best but if your willing to pay extra money I think it would be better to invest in a better unicycle in a more specific field. However that is based on what you want to do with it ie trials, street, mountain unicycling, commuting etc…?

Oh and welcome to the forums

Just want it for a bit of fun to ride around. Not really jumps and trick etc. More like short trips around the local area where i can be bothered walking. However if its not alot extra for a better quality Torker lx then i’d probably be willing to pay a bit more but i need to find somewhere i can get it from.

Oh and thanks by the way. I’ve already got a lot of very useful info its a great site.

well if its for just general ‘cruising’ I would reccomend a 24" which is the next size wheel up from the lx.

In Australia thou there isnt alot of choice, check with your local bike store because some will order in torker’s as they sell bikes as well. Also or

Good luck with your purchase, and with some questions they can be easily answered by using the search button, just telling you because if you ask a question that is asked frequently by newbies you will get flamed. If search doesnt help ask away.

You say you just want it to ride around locally, but you will probably get the uni bug and end up buying another one.


Damn caps lock.

I’d get the 24". Be causious of riding off lots of curbs though. Make sure the cranks are on tight (w/ blue loctite & the max torque is usually around 65 ft.lbs.), also check to make sure the spokes are tight and trued regularly, more often when new, same w/ the various other nuts and bolts.

Cool thanks for your help. I’ll just keep trying the bike shops.

I did try looking through beginners questions but didn’t find exactly what i was after.

Thanks again.

Try this maybe

I just looked at the uni I posted more closely and that is a very good learner, stronger than the LX. Personally I’d want a better saddle, w/ a handle (the most comfortable, reasonably priced is the Fusion IMO).

That Cro-molly hub is very strong for normal riding. The cranks will bend from lots of curbs esp. if you are like 170 lbs. plus. These are much stronger and would likely last through most normal riding.

Both of those can be put in place instead of the stock parts for a bit more $, or just upgrade as needed.

thanks skilewis74

Well i’ve decided to definitely go for the 24".Just a matter of which one now. i was just about to order the lx when i saw your reply. its been along time since i’ve had anything to do with cycles in any form so knowing which one of the two is better is being left up to you guys for help.
The saddle shown on the Axis picture is actually of an older model and are different to the new ones (still might need a new one anyway).

So you think the Axis is the way to go then???

OH!! incase it makes a difference i’m 6’2 tall but only about 155lbs. Pretty skinny, so i expect to break myself probably more than the uni.

Hawo TattooedBandit, my name is Harry a.k.a Hazmat. Welcome to the forums BTW. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the Axis with the below stuff would be a good thing to have with this learning unicycle.

1) Book How to Ride Your Unicycle + $10.00 <---- I know i did.
2) DVD One Wheel no Limit + $15.00
or you could get the DVD and Book for $20.00
3) Issue of Unicycling Magazine + $10.00 <----this is a must have. :stuck_out_tongue:
4) 24 inch stand + $10.00

Also if you require more assistance for unicycling. Feel free to ask me or anyone of the kind and friendly people on this forum as i’m sure they will help you you to the best of their knowledge and abilities. :smiley:

Your new friend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Hazmat,

I’ve definitely made up my mind now and i’m going to order one. I’ve been unsure of what to get for days now and finding these forums has been a great help. I’ll be making sure to keep close eye on all these forums in the future. Heaps of great info from other with experience.

1) You’re very welcome my friend.
2) Sweeet!!! Let us know how it goes. ok. :smiley:
3) We’re always here to help you and that includes me. Don’t ever forget that. Also if you have any questions feel free to PM and i’ll answer them as soon as possible.
4) We were all in your position at some point. But after a while, we began learning and soon mastered the unicycling factor. :smiley:

  1. I found that book virtually a waste of money
  2. I found that DVD helpfull, as well as Introduction to Unicycling w/ Dustin Kelm (presently not on UDC AUS)
  3. Expensive, but a fun, interesting read
  4. Helpfull for keeping dirt off the floor.