Ausember - Casper van Tielraden

This is my new video! It’s filmed in August, September and October.
I really tried to do my best on nice and creative riding.
Enjoy and please drop a comment.:slight_smile:

:open_mouth: Casper!! another awesome video from you! loooove the combos as usual, especially that stepover trick at 2:20, I gotta learn that. treyside and fifth were insane too, sick video.

Best video of you ever Casper! :smiley: And It must be the video of you with the fewest 180 unispins :stuck_out_tongue: You style is getting much better and your tricks are getting bigger! :slight_smile: I really enjoyed :smiley:

Your flat is so amazing! Very creative and difficult combos, and nice fifthflip!

Normally I don’t really like flat vids, but I really liked that one :smiley:

probably because of all the interesting combos, distinctly different tricks, locations, camera angles, and editing.

Great Video Casper! The fifthflip was totally awesome. You also had some very nice flat combos in their! I agree with Julia, maybe a few less 180 unispins, it looks like you might be just putting them in their to keep the combo going on a bit longer? Great riding! :smiley:

Thanks so much everyone! I appreciate it very much. And thanks for the tip. :roll_eyes:

Zotjes Casper! Beste flatlander van België en Nederland :D.

Bedankt Ben!

Cool stuff

Alhoewel ik ook een ‘flatlander’ ben (limbo!!) en zelf helemaal niets aan flat doe, vind ik jou filmpjes en progressie AWESOME…
Trial,muni and distance zijn mijn favo’s…
Geweldig om te zien dat the Dutchies een rol van wereldniveau hebben…
Ga zo door …
(speciaal in ons ‘moers-taal’ geschreven, voor de insiders dus begrijpelijk, hahhahah)

Hahaha, bedankt! :roll_eyes:

props Casper !!!
great riding, man!


Zalige vid Casper!!! =D
Combo’s were awesome! :smiley: and fifthflip looks really good :slight_smile:

  • I like the music

Hahaha, dank je!