hey hey

the time is coming round very soon now to start practicing and looking forward to uninats!

just wanted to know who is gonna make it and if you cant… why not?


and also who is up for some street riding before the weekend?


if the dates are right, i know tomtrevor and i will be coming down.

I will surely be up for it. I am roadtripping round Aus when it happens but i have organized to be there (hopefully)

a street ride would be what i am up for.

I think I can come, I really want to.

Do you have the dates? Also, will there be a street comp?

for you to win? :slight_smile:

Let me know dates and i will see…
I am not such a good rider but i would be keen to watch and just go for a ride:)

im probably coming, i sure hop its not on afl grand final day, hint hint.
about the street ride before hand, what dates do you want to go on? cos my birthday is on the 26th of sept and i want to be home for it. i just need to know the dates of the actual comp and the ride before hand.
thanks bro

ill probably come, i might be in victoria the day before so i will have to go back to brisbane than back to sydney :astonished:

is there a muni race and trails comp at all? im not really good at anything else:D

il be there for sure! it will be god to ride with some others unicyclists for a change im gettin bored ridin by myself!

is ther a competition for who can mount using a letterbox/fence/pole the best, because i am getting pretty good at it now.

Better than not being good at anything :frowning:

Who else is going? speak up and be accounted for.

ahh it’s tomsey!!
I thought you quit.
Very much glad to see that you didn’t.


Hey Tomsey, Yeah a ride in sydney before uninats sounds good. You can probably count me in university shit permitting. Keep us posted,

Check out the dates at the AUS site.
Turn up for fun at least and to support the people doing the hard work.
Check here for details :

thanks i’ve already been on the site. i want to know what dates tomsey wants to go for a ride on, but thanks anyway.
come on alex

I know I should probably be there, if I can figure out a way to get there, or get a lift…hint hint

Anyway, if I go I’ll probably be bringing along my good old Luke, can’t go riding without him.

But yeah, right now getting there is the biggest problem.

If you give me a lift…I’ll pay you in hair conditioner. Don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of the stuff.

Oh right, I guess I’d also need a place to sleep, or a least a tent, to sell for accommodation money.

-Keven Mckay

Yeah, any Molbournites going to uninats? A lift would be fantastic.

sounds tempting, i need as much of that stuff as you can get.
but unfortunatly i cant get you a lift.

I found it was cheaper to fly there than drive. I was going to drive from melbourne to Syndney in July but decided to fly to Sydney then drive from there to Queensland. much cheaper.

tom, you’re going to qld???

if your is bris you can stay at my place!