Aus uninats video comp winner 2010

This is video Tim Hobson and I made and won the 2010 Aus unicycle nationals video comp with.


Nice! The setting was brilliant!

thats so sick. what is that place?

Awesome, that’s a great video.

i love it! such a smooth video to watch. I really liked the flip off the ramp to the other ramp. Great filming and editing.


such a pleasure to watch. well deserved win! beautiful.

I know i loved the setting.

love the background it was filmed in. Also great quality and colours.
but i missed some special editing :roll_eyes:

for some reason this vid looks really professional. what camera did u use to film, dan?

really nice vid man. the riding is smooth as always from u. at least one of us beat the mongolian slide-show XD

i voted for this video :slight_smile: really great stuff dan. loving your style


the camrea used to film this was a D3s and issac that mongolian thing was rubbish lol

ur tellin me. but according to the audience it was better than mine. in fact mine was the worst video of the night apparently

That was an awesome video. Great setting, great feeling and flow to it. Like rapheal said, I would have liked a little special editing in there though. Other than that, great video. Way to go on the win.

This pretty much blew my mind at uninats. It just works so well! :smiley:

So sick.



For me this is pretty much The example for the perfect unicycle video.Everything looked awesome and smooth.Great filming/riding/editing/music and location!
I also like that this video is not full of tricks. All the shots without tricks were really nice and fitted well into the video.It made it intresting. That was awesome Dan!:slight_smile:

Dirty NeedlezZ :sunglasses:

I love the filming :slight_smile: But I expected a little more riding. It was a bit too much just riding around :stuck_out_tongue: Great tricks, anyway :smiley:

you people have to remember it’s not a trick vid, it’s just ment to be a visualy pleasing and interesting vid with some tricks thrown in for effect and variety. My new solo vid is coming soon though

thanx for the props guys :slight_smile: