AUS unicyclist attempts frontflip.

on sunday the 9th at newtown festival a bunch of us were doing a trial demo with some bikers and reece tried a frontflip on his uni, he had 3 unsuccessful attempts but gave it a shot.

cant upload any video but heres a screenshot.

PLEASE tell us he was wearing a helmet and it just isn’t very visible in the shot…
The ambulance in the background is very appropriate.

wow, he decided just “go for it” ? Thats guts! Did he have any practice before? And yeah, he should of been wearing a helmet.

Thats pretty crazy but sick. I wish i was there, it would have been good to see.

woa that guy is sick
why didn’t he wear a helmet?

That is so cool. The limits of what a person can do on a unicycle are still being pushed hard. I’m looking forward to the first back flip attempt. I still think it would have to be easier.

My guess is that he’s not wearing a helmet for the best reason known. He didn’t want to. Personal choice and personal responsibility…take them or have them taken away. You go, Reece.

I would guess a helmet would be no good in a frontflip injury, if you pile down onto the ground head first, having a helmet isn’t going to do anything to help your neck / back. You don’t often see tumblers / acrobats wearing helmets after all.


That is pretty awesome, and I guess Harper is right, it is his own fault if something goes wrong and he isn’t wearing a helmet.

Who was wearing the KUA shirt?



I was there:D

The helmet is less neccisary since he has two spotters.

I’m amazed.

notice the ambulance in the background? Ha! How appropriate.

Shame, wish I could have been there to see it.

Was out doing the Highland Fling (write up later)

Photos by Julian O.



Isaac and Kevin

Welcome to Australia mr rollo, cya soon!

I do agree with Greg. I think I’m getting old… I cringe at most of the bail-reels in videos. It’s the potential…

I want to talk about the helmet thing and I don’t. I know it’s a huge can of worms just waiting to explode (very messy and very sticky).

I’m surprised the event organisers didn’t insist on them, maybe I’m spending too much time around organised events and Americans :wink:

Whoa, I can’t believe that no one was wearing a helmet. That is just plain crazy! I guess we’ll let Darwin take care of things.


Anyone rode that rail on the background?
Oh, and the frontflip attempt looks insane.

I just think that’s interesting how people can influence others…

I’ve never seen Tynan (mr rollo) without a helmet in Vancouver but now in Australia…

This guy have nice shoes :smiley:

Crasy attempt! I want to watch it on video!

Yes, i like his shoes too :slight_smile:

The bike trial riders had helmets :slight_smile: