[AUS] UDC 12 Days of Christmas

Well, they have done it!
I have had a quick look but cant find it.
Please help me!


Nevermind :p. Thats really cool you guys get one too.

Day 2 anyone?

Found it!
DVDs on sale!

gee awesome, dvd’s at a CRAZY 12.5% off. this really is amazing… weak.

I’m still hoping for giraffe’s.

Im hoping for a KH frame or something!

Personally i’m hoping for a 95% reduction on the KH frame, or a coker or a discount on the crank pullers.

if a 36er goes on sale im buying one


today its a cc tyre-not a huge saving really, but whatever. Think i’ll wait and see what else is coming up-hopefully something i want at a good price! Sorry no link, i’m on ph and cant be bothered doin links. I’m sure u can find it.


still waiting for somthing super cool

Ditto man, hopefully we’ll get lucky!

Doesnt even say if its cheaper than normal???
Still waiting for something epic that i need :smiley:

Man, your deals stink!

But i understand why - the customer base down here is limited, therefore its not viable to offer huge discounts on products unless they have huge abundences of a product and NEED to get rid of stock.

So does this mean its $625? Or are the marked prices the reduced prices?

the marked price of 750 is the reduced one.

Day 8:

Was it just me or did they skip some days?