AUS street weekend... interested?

that suggestion about gettin it to come down to melbourne (president frog) is luke, and i am Tom, lol, just thought i would let u know, who is who on these forums :stuck_out_tongue:

newayz i think it is best to keep it in sydney, due to there being many more riders in sydney!! And i would prefer to travel somewhere new, to see what the spots are like around there :slight_smile:

ahhh, tuchet.
but i’m just so lazy :stuck_out_tongue:


If it’s going to be over a full weekend I’m sure there would be plenty of opportunity for trials as well as street. Not to mention it never hurts your riding to explore a new area. Who knows, learning a little street might just put an edge on your trials or muni.

Maybe the melbourne people could arrange some kind of group transport? I spose it’s a long bus ride. But maybe you can swing a deal somehow. Or just carpool. It would be cool to catch up with some of you guys.

Considering how well some of you were riding at uninats I’d love to see the progress :slight_smile:


ok so no… it aint gonna be in melbourne. i cant organise a street weekend if i dont know where any spots are.

it is sounding good to have it in the middle of easter and anzac day weekend. the 21st to 24th. friday to monday. is that school holidays?

we should have a 22 seater bus available to take us to our skatepark day, and for our city ride. so i gots about 15 seats up for taking.

there are 4 days on my list so there should be plenty of trials time if you want it.i’ll find some good trials lines and mark them out on the map if you want.

oh and uninats is too far away… plus uninats is for everything that is not street riding. and i dont wanna ride for 5/6 days straight.

That’s very true.

A note for all the New Zealanders considering, I just checked Air New Zealand and Quantas websites for flights between Wellington and Sydney on 21st April - 24th April…

It’d be $199 each way*

*excludes charges and taxes

So somewhere under $500 for airfares :slight_smile:

There’s even some flights between Auckland and Sydney that are $129 with AirNZ!! So wow, $260 return.

yes. Yes it is

Im in for sure, I can make that weekend free whichever way.

However, if we run out of bus spots I wouldn’t object to driving myself and anyone else I can fit. If it comes to that. Otherwise everyone on one bus is more fun :smiley:


ok sounds really awesome!!

i am pretty certain those dates are in the school holidays, coz its round easter!! And my Dad recently told me that there is a train that goes from Melbourne - Sydney, so if we cant get a ride up there by car, then we can catch a train there, which will be good !!

At this period in time, hold a seat for me !!

and i am pretty certain that max pfeifer and Luke will be comin, are u up for it ed?

hell yes!
but my schools’ silly, i don’t think we have holidays at that time… youse might though.

i could take a couple of days off though, i don’t mind :stuck_out_tongue:

i think train would be good, if we can’t get driven…

we’ll have to look into it.

yeah for sure man!!
if this is gonna be happening over a long weekend, school will have it off even if it isnt holidays, and if it is just on a weekend, then we can take a day off if needed!!

and for accomodation we can organise somewhere where we can share a place inbetween 4, then it will be cheaper also !!

could u sydney boys tell us of any places of accomodation we can stay at that is reasonably close to where it will all happen and all that ! ? :slight_smile:

Yeah, I saw that today. I think I was in the city riding with a friend of mine, and we stopped at flight center (he was looking for a flight to Englad), and happened to notice that flights to Australia were pretty cheap. But it’s still like 525 to get home again for me :frowning: So I think I might come over. It will be fun! If I can find somewhere to stay :stuck_out_tongue:

im just kickin the thread back up to see how the progress is going with the street meet ?? !!

sorry if bumping this thread has cozed ne inconvenience :stuck_out_tongue:

ahh, thank god for easter! :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds like a plan…

Last time i was in sydney we stayed in kings cross… the hotel was nice, but there was more than 13 adult themed stores in the street i was in…

I think next time I’ll take my wallet :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:



update… i have a brand new splined trials uni for the winner of our little competition.

comp focuses on who pushes themselves the most throughout the weekend. it will most probably be a group decision too.

what kind of splined trials uni?

i have just checked the dates and im pretty sure they arent in the school holidays in melbourne. they holidays are earlier because of the commonwealth games, i think they are something like march 10-27. this sucks for all the melbourne riders out there.

it may just be my school but i dont think so…

Is that from Gary? If you’re coming up to Brissie for that Channel 10 filming thing let me know if you’ve got any time free to go riding.


Kudos Tomsey that’s totally generous, great idea to get everyone pushing themselves!! Hopefully it’s also enough to lure some more of NZs top riders like Joe and Pete VB over there.

I’m gona try and make it over even if it’s more for the helping out filming etc. side of things :slight_smile: Any more kiwis seriously considering?

that sound awsum ill come and i got a mate that ride hewll come,so gota do it man:D