AUS street weekend... interested?

ok you australian street and trials riders.

im keen to create the first australian weekend of street riding.

i wanna know if we can get a good crowd, so i know if i should put persist with it.

my idea would be to get a bus… have a street night ride friday, skatepark day/workshop saturday, street city ride sunday.

i wanna put it on in sydney cos i know a ton of spots and parks where riding is good, no one should be bored of one place, but we dont want to move around too much even though we would have a bus.

possibly have a competition for the weekend too. mostly for the rider who pushes themselves the most, and comes up with the best tricks. (we wont be in it dont worry)

money would be need to put in for bus and runners up prizes.

if i can get 10 people keen i’ll get to work and set up a date etc.



Yeah Tomsey sounds good so count me in (as long as i get enough warning i should be able to get off work for the weekend)

hey, yeah i have been waitin for u or dan to organize something like this :smiley:

sounds like a great idea, i would def be interested and i reckon luke and max, other melbourne rider mates would be too!!
The only prob, is that we have to find our way to get up to sydney from melbourne!!

But we should be able to get it organized i reckon, but yeah deffinetly work this idea out, it sounds great!!


Im there. Just tell me when and where. Money for a bus and stuff sounds cool.
I think I’ve got at least one freind who will come too. I think Ill go out and work on my unispins :slight_smile:


P.S. If you need any cars, acommodation for interstate riders or anything else I can help with feel free to drop me a message.

I will come for sure if i can get up from melbourne. Maybe during the next school holidays would be good. Yeah there is at least 6 riders in melbourne who would want to come, maybe you should have it here :stuck_out_tongue:

I can hardly ride yet but i’ll be there to watch if nothing else.


Hey Alex, I thought you said in the tread about Justin’s movie that you were quitting. I guess not…

well definately if you do this you need to get some footage… cuase yeah that would rock


Hi Alex,

The event sounds great. My trials and street riding skills are sh** as I am mainly a cross-country unicycler but I would love to be there and be involved and observe. It depends on when it is on.

I am planning an off road event in late May which will depend on AUS insurance. If all goes well regarding the insurance endorsement from the AUS etc, I will go ahead with planning my event and l will not be to be there then.

Keep planning your event, as riders will turn up (I think) and it is generally good for unicycling in Australia and you will enjoy organising the event.


I would be keen to fly to Sydney for a street uni weekend. Do you have any particular weekends in mind, or an indication of when it will be?

Wow, this thing seems to be getting kinda big. With international riders talking about flying over etc. By the by Ill mention it at hockey tommorow and see if anyone is interested. Im sure there are at least a few who would come along if only to watch. Ash and possibly mat and damo would probably want to come.

Do you really want spectators or non-street riders along? or were you wanting to keep it riders only. If we switch locations much and have a bus and stuff that might limit numbers and especially non-riders a bit.


I’m interested too

that soundes awesome! the only problem is that i am a poor 15 year old so getting to sydney may be a problem. if i could get there i would for sure.

why not make it a part of uninats next year? i know it’s a long way off but it would mean people would be there anyway so they wouldnt have to pay for extra flights accomodation etc.

thats still a long way off so i will see how many frequent flyer points my mum has! do you have any idea when you will hold it? school holidays would be best.


I’d probably come too, not that I am that good at riding yet. But I got to go over to Australia to visit my grandparents at some point anyway, so it’d be good to get in some riding too. So depending on when it is, I’m probably up for it.

Make sure you get lots of footage and photos. It doesn’t sound like there will be much trials, is that right?

By the way, where are (?) UniNats next year?


uninats are in sydney in 2006

its 2007 in sydney, im guessing that was a typo tho :stuck_out_tongue: (unless it is 2006, but i was told 2007)

i am mostly a trials rider, so i will be looking for some stuff to ride !!!
And i reckon there will be a few others who need to relieve their cravings of a trials line too :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks tom, yeah i meant 2007.

Cheers. That’s not as far away as last year, maybe I can make it to UniNats this time.

Yeah, a uni weekend’d kick ass.

But as with the other Melbourne-eans transport may be a problem. Max’s idea combining it with the UniNats is good, saves a bit of money to use on unicycles. Or as someone else suggested, melbourne would be good :smiley: