AUS street road trip!!!

hey peoples how we all doin?? im here to tell u bout the road trip thats happenin in Aus at the start of Jan. we’ll b leavin from sydney on the 1st of Jan. traveling down to melbourne to ride with the boys there. we’ll b visiting canberra and other main towns along the way. stayin in melbourne for a few nights then back to syndey. the whole trip should go 4 aproox 1 & 1/2 weeks-2 weeks. that means back on the 21st at the lastest. theres limited seats so u gota b quick. it’s gonna cost to cos we’re spiltin the petrol cos and mayb sum accomadtion. Not sure how much yet, cos we gota c whos gonna b cuming. well i hope to hear frm u’s all soon.

Dan… :sunglasses:

wow that is tempting. Any chance i could meet you all in melbourne and come back up? i am in melbourne around then anyway.


yeah that should b cool man

sweet, i was coming over to ride with some of the melbourne riders but this sounds sweet and the company will be around 18 as apposed to 16 (no offence anybody)


tom and i (brisbanians) are goiong down from the 7th to 11th of december so we’ll miss it.

yeah sorry man, it’s abit late notice.

thats cool.

sounds like you guys are gunna have heaps of fun too !

Hey dan,
That sounds like a killer idea. I fly back into Oz in december and don’t have to be at uni untill feburary so i guess you can count me in. Should be awesome to be riding with you sydney boys again- and meet some new riders from Melbourne in the process (especially now that i have a trials uni instead of my beast of a 24"). What do you think will be the go with accomodation etc?- i’m just wondering to see how much money i should round up for the trip. Cheers for the heads up,
Mark (rancho)

I would love to go!

but i dont think i will be allowed considering im already going to melbourne in December for a street ride, that and i probably wont have the money to pay for it all.

at the moment there is about a 10% chance i could go…


who is in so far? i wont come road-trippin with you but i will definately see you in melbourne.

I’d be up for it.

Max, we’ll be at the 'naz I think. There’d be buses to the city, right?

Though you go home before me. I think I leave the 'naz on the 12th of 13rd so yeah… I dunno.

I’m up for a ride.


hmmm, yeh, im prolly in, bit rough starting 1st of jan, thats right after new years eve. owell


yes thats right. we’ll b leavin on the 2nd of jan.

I get back from camping at the beach on like the 9th of january so if you are in melbourne after that i will be up for a ride.

trip posponed

sorry guys but due to people pulling out and the lack of money sum of us have the road trip will b pospond. we’re not sure wen to but we’re working it out atm. sorry 4 any inconvience it’s caused.


Forget the major towns

If you can get to the border between 2nd and 4th I can arrange a Chiltern or Mt Beauty venue (probably Mt Beauty). My Mother in Law arrives on the 5th so gotta do the right thing, you probably don’t know what I mean yet. But up to help, drive, ride in between. Falls Creek has cheap lift tickets on new years eve. My hospitality is famous for a short while!!Smile