August 2011. (feat. Max Schulze, Nate, and Marc.)

Hey people. My name is Shaffer Nickel. I’m new to the forums and thought I’d post this video to introduce myself. Enjoy. SN.

Kickass dude!

You’re getting pretty high with those hops. Keep it up and you’ll be going 150 cm at the top. Glad I can help with everything too.

Badass video!!! How long ya been riding???

What? Why Have I never heard about you? :stuck_out_tongue: You’re an awesome trials rider! :smiley:

And why are you doing prehops to a pallet? Using it like a trampoline? :slight_smile:

Thank you!
I use the extra pallet to jump on bucause my driveway slants down, and if I do big pre hops on the slanted surface I pop tires like crazy. :slight_smile:

Dig the music. And the dog was very funny.
Good video too. Nice skills.

Nice riding! Very high hops!

Finally someone using decent music. :smiley:

Led Zeppelin is always a winner.

Two and a half years.