Audio Chatroom?

How many people are interested in using an audio chatroom such as ventrilo? I’m thinking about hosting a server for unicyclists to chat with their computer microphones for no charge to themselves. I think it would be fun to talk with some of the newer riders to the best riders on a daily or weekly base, depending on how often the person got on the server. It’s really simple to use a ventrilo server, it only takes a small download and a few minutes to set up. Please post a reply on how many of you would be interested in using this. Thanks :slight_smile:


sounds cool and i would love to try it but i wouldnt be able to cause i dont really schdule anything and i just would have the time
are there any chatrooms for unicyclists anywhere on the web?

I’ve used ventrilo for gaming, and love it’s simplicity, and ease-of-use.

Go for it.

Re: Audio Chatroom?

I have a flash-communicator server (with a licence worth $19.999,-) available.
It could capture your webcams and mic signal. No need for any software other than the flash-plugin that 95% of all internet-users allready have.
I had in mind to create a virtual class-room, including a live whiteboard, video-screen etc. and daily discuss hints on skills to create tuts.
But came to the conluclusion I better would have Breeze for that, probably over $20K.
Anyway, if anyone has a good purpose, and a plan for the $'s to cover bandwidth cost… post it.

let me know if you’re interrested to have it in this network.
And if you wont need top-of-the-bill specs, I even can offer you some hardware that I outphased. Just PM me.


I have a public ventrilo set up as a sample thing right now, it can only hold 8 people at once, if more were interested i would subscribe to the monthly fee… I could have pretty much limitless people in the channel… If anyones interested in testing this out with me aim me at Kiriin01 or email me at

Thanks peeps!

         (I'll look into your offer leo, thanks bro)