auction: 29er Rims(700c fat Kris Holm 38mm MUni ) sexy Harper

mm, saucey.

Re: auction: 29er Rims(700c fat Kris Holm 38mm MUni ) sexy Harper

On Fri, 17 Feb 2006 03:43:18 -0600, forget_your_life wrote:

>mm, saucey.

What has Harper got to do with it?

Unbelievable markup, not that I would buy them anyways.

Especially when the UDC Sun cr-18 is $26.

What doesnt Harper have to do with it?! (I always have to ask myself that one :wink: )

Jagur, you shrewd salesman, good luck with your auction!

Garsh, if that sells, I’ll be auctioning off my 29er rim as a $100 “cheap” alternative to the KH rim. :wink: Here’ll be the description:

[I][B]For auction here is a beautiful red anodized rim for all of your 700c needs. We’ve all seen Mr. Forget Your Life’s $170 rims, but here is a cheap alternative. You can’t find these anywhere but here, unless you’ve got connections, which you don’t. Forget Mr. Forget’s $170 rims, and save a few bucks with this super money-saving deal. I might even throw in a free spoke or two if you leave a tip for my impecible customer service.

Be sure to see my other auctions such as the professional-quality “Savage” complete unicycle for just $523.52! It even has a quick release seat clamp, which unicycles such as the cheap-o “Kris Holm” unicycle (yes, you know who they are) just can’t live up to.[/B][/I]

wow tyler. thats the most sarcasm ive ever seen in one post. lol

Is that a good thing?

… it was funny…