attn...... wheel builders only.

please,only comments from people who have built wheels themselves.thank you.
gosh what an ass… :wink:

im going to build a 24 inch wheel with an Alex DX32 rim and a Profile hub.

ive built 3 so with 243mm spokes,one with 244mm spokes and another with 246mm spokes.all 4 cross with DT swiss 14/15

what mm would/did you use?

Re: attn… wheel builders only.

Tssk Tssk! Think about all the children who build their own wheels and want to comment here. They’ll learn bad language.:wink: And I don’t mean my spelling.

I used 236mm spokes with a 3x on my wheel. Profile hub, Alex DX32 rim.

236mm for me too I think. it’s been awhiile, but I know it was a 3x.

thanx guys but i did say 4 cross in the original post.anyone remember the mm length they used?

i’m not much more useful either, unfortunately. i used 245mm in my 4 cross wheel with dm24 rim (same e.r.d. as dx32), but i used a suzue hub

You said “only comments from people who have built wheels themselves” you never said “only comments from people who have built 4 cross pattern wheels”. Oops did I just reply? I’ve never built a wheel, but I have busted one and had it rebuilt by a Bike shop (twice).
We could add “reply to a thread from which you are forbidden” to the 240 ways to annoy people.

Based on the spoke calculator, I would use the 246 with 12 MM brass spoke nipples. Note, DT nipples run shorter than most others so you will add 1 to 1.5 to the spoke length. Though I did build a Suzue/Alex/4 cross, I don’t remember what size I used. Current project: GB wide hub/home rolled 368 MM 14 straight guage/Semcycle nipples/Airfoil in a 3 cross.

Why are you asking us, Random Man? Having built three permutations, you’re the expert. Which length resulted in the spoke ends being just below the nipple slot after full tensioning? That’s the one to use.

me no expert

there you are,i thought you had retired…im asking simply because i cant remember and i sold all the other wheels and cant just go look at them :o

i think i’ll be using 245’s

That should be fine, does that extra mm acutally make that big of a difference, I know if they are too short your fu@$ed, but if they are too long isnt it just a few extra grams. As long as they dont bulge through the rim tape it wouldnt make a big difference would it??

oh this thread is back from the spam bin,thanx Gilby

for those scoring at home i went to the shop and found out that DT 14/15 only come in even sizes like 244 and 246.i needed 245’s.

i went with 244’s since double butted spokes stretch a bit and i like to use the longer nipples…fascinating

I’ve used the Spoke Calculator every wheel (except the Coker wheels) without a miss so far. I wish I had taken specific notes too, but haven’t been burned yet. Except for that one time when I had a 32 hole rim instead of a 36 hole rim and didn’t realize it until half-laced… bonks self on head