Attn. West Canadians

ok so i am talking to west canadians. like B.C. and Alberta. Ok so this is the unicycle i want but i don’t know where to buy. Should i buy from this store when they get new ones in.
I am in canada so it would be $200+ to get this one right? I would want to know if any shop in canada sells unicycles. i want a trials uni. i already do bike trials. and want a uni cause they look so cool to be able to ride and stuff. now it don’t have to be that one. i just don’t want an ugly like blue one. like hopefully black or crome. Now if anyone can help me out with buying a uni. i checked on the dealer locator on that website and they showed a store that sells unis. i go there but they don’t have unis at the store. i will go again soon and ask but i don’t know.

Try e-mailing Darren:

Darren Bedford []

thanks but i found a store in downtown vancouver. $139.
its the 16 inch torker.
looks like a good beginner bike.

cambie cycles has a pretty good selection, schwinn, KH (taiwan i think) torker and i can’t remember what else, Caps in richmond (just south of vancouver) has some lollie pop norco’s, dunbar cycles has norco’s as well. the place to go is Harvy’s in seattle

ya i don’t want to do the whole over the internet thing. I would rather get my bike once i pay for it. Not waiting a week or more for it to get here.