ATTN to all viewers

Attention watcher of videos.
Just wanted to say that more people should comment on videos. I don’t know about other people, but when I make a video, I want to share my riding with them. When I see a video get 300 views but only 3 comments, it makes me feel that it wasn’t worth it. This isn’t TV people! The amount of work that goes into a watchable video and the money into a camcorder so a handful of people can watch is worth a few moments of your time commenting. No matter how small, like “so and so was awesome”, but “this needs work” etc, really makes the trouble worth it, which in turn will lead to more videos.

Also, if the video is on youtube, please rate! The more ratings and comments, the higher the video will go up the video food chain where it will get even more views and give unicycling some needed publicity. Get into the habit of clicking the red stars when you’re done, and a little word.

So next time you click on you video, please comment and rate!
I hope I don’t seem dogmatic or piss off any people:) .

Happy riding and watching.


i agree, its a lot of work to make a video, and that people should get feedback, but i also think it is quite annoying when people post a million times in their own video thread begging for comments. i am not saying anyone specific but they know who they are.

100% agree.

I’m a slackard at responding myself. I’ll try to do better.

Posting videos is a time consuming effort. Responding only takes a second.

Thanks to ALL who post videos. I enjoy them ALL.


All of them?

I agree though, people should say stuff.

even if you dont like what you see, then let them know whats bad. Bad comments can be just as good as “NICE VID!”.

if you hate the flashes in their video, then say something!!!

comment whether its good or whether its shit. A comment is a comment, and not everyone will have the same opinion.

Yeah, people should do more comments and rating, because it can be quite a bit of effort making vids. Lately I have been having such a hard time making vids:(

pssst…(save your footage, make longer vids…)

I know what you mean! My video only got 2 replys, and I worked so hard with it! :thinking: I think I’m gonna start commenting more…

This actual thread is a perfect example; 132 views (as of this post) and only 10 replies. Less than 10%. :frowning:

Good point Terry…but…i have checked in every time i see a new post to see what other people said, but that doesnt mean i have posted every time…i posted once bu still watched the convo w/o anymore input

It’s not so much the “quantity” (length of a video) but the quality of a video that counts. Longer isn’t always better…Yeah yeah, I know, that’s what she said lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah true. I may watch the same video several times, but make only the one initial comment.

Yeah, well, most of my videos are at least 3 minutes and not “quickies” so to speak. For me, I like to have a beginning, middle and end, with lots of variety, and try to make it as entertaining as I can, with bits of humor and fun stuff also. But everybody has their own style. :slight_smile:

what im getting at terry is its more enjoyable to watch a longer video, with different moves and shots, then one video with the same trick played over, and over, and over, and over. Or even a video thats around 30 seconds long, too short.

If you want more comments and better feedback then i suggest making longer videos, taking your time and everything will come to you, you wont have to ask for comments.

Just my personal experience and what ive learned over the years here on

referring to me?

well i never said i hated them, but im not a fan. Its really distracting to whats going on. So please dont take it personally, its a general comment.

if you like them then put them in, because i dont speak for everyone.

I agree with the above. I also assume that what you contiuned with below was aimed at the original poster.

at danni?

his videos are fine and i comment, because hes a sick rider and knows what hes doing.

Hey, relax! I was just asking. I don’t know who you were referring to with your comment about “Begging” for viewers either. So I don’t know what the heck you were implying, or trying to imply. I’m just suggesting that if you’re going to make a negative comment like that, at least indicate specifically who you are talking about.