Attn: Texas Muni riders

Hey folks, STORM will be holding it’s mountain bike challenge @ Flat Rock Ranch in Comfort on March 15-16 and I managed to get us a free invitation to come out and ride!!! The downhill race will be on Sat with the x-country race on Sunday. I thought this would be another chance for us to expose our 2 wheeled brethren to the joys of MUni. I plan on getting there on Saturday @ 1:00 and camping for the weekend. Only the MUni riders will get in free, guests will have to pay. If you think you might get to come, give me your full name so that I can get you on the guest list.

That’s great, Kenny. I was planning on going anyway, but free is better. I am not sure when I am going, I would like to do both days. Have you asked anyone about munis actually racing, like in their own class, or with the beginners? I haven’t been to Flat Rock yet, but I gather it would be a tough course. I know Jerry can’t make it, but it would be great if we could get the Austin guys to show. Eric, are you healed yet? Doug, no excuses.

Kenny, did you get your muni yet?


If the MUnis were to race, there wouldn’t be any prizes since it would be a spur-of-the-moment thing. We are free to pre-ride the course on Saturday, though. I hope to get the Yuni tomorrow if things go right, if not, I hope it gets here early next week so I can ride it a little before the weekend. For anybody going up this weekend, just look for camp BIKEMOJO and start asking around to locate me. I’ll turn in the kist of names on Monday or Tuesday most likely. If any of ya’ll think there’s a chance you might come, just give me your full names so I can get you on the list. I will be sweeping behind the beginner women Sunday morning and I’m sure the Muni’s can “race” right behind them if ya’ll just want to do it for fun!!!

Scott, it’s 12:30 Friday, and I just got a call from Allen @ Cycle-Logic. The MUni’s here!!!
Austin guys, are ya’ll out there???/

Thanks for getting us in Kenny. Is the pre-ride on Saturday for the main course (lower + upper loop)? Do we have to do the whole 9 mile loop (I assume it’s one-way?) or are there turnouts back to the start? Are you all thinking of riding some distance, attacking the course obstacles like we do at OP, or some combination of the two?

We are pretty much free do to whatever we feel like. I figured we would just play it by ear. More than likely, ya’ll will probably opt for more distance than I can handle, as I just got my MUni today!!! Send me an email with your phone # and we can co-ordinate things a little easier:


Not knowing if any other munis would be riding with me, I figured I would just ride the course as if racing. Full distance, or whatever I can handle. Having not ever seen the terrain, I don’t know how ridable it is. Have you been there? It sounds like we could do whatever we want on the XC course on Saturday. I was hoping to get up there this weekend or next week but I am not sure if I will. Once I see the course I would have a better idea of what the munis can reasonbly do. Are you thinking Sat, Sun, or both?

Kenny, how’s the new ride? If you are like I was, the long cranks will feel awkward for a while. Don’t sweat it, just ride it!


Scott, the course has some long, extended climbs and long downhills also. There are quite a few very rocky sections and some stair-steps. It has a few water crossings. I know it would kick my butt and probably give ya’ll a good workout!!!
I will be going out there Saturday around 1-1:30 and plan on camping Sat night,then sweeping the beginner women Sunday @ 9 a.m. If anybody wants to bring a friend or significant other, they can get in for free also if they want to volunteer for a minimum of four hours. (Probably get by with paying a $5 a day gate fee) If anybody wants to volunteer, I’ll need names by Monday or so.
I really like the Yuni. the cranks are the same length as the 24" P.O.S. so that wasn’t an issue! I’m going to try to find time to hit 700 later Saturday and hope to ride it off-road on Sunday too.

Doug, I’ll need your last name so that I can put you on the guest list.
Have ya’ll talked to Scott Stephens or Eric?

I emailed Scott about it, but he is backpacking this weekend so he will probably answer late Sunday.
I guess I assumed you got 170’s on the Yuni, and had 150’s on the POS. Did you get 150’s so you could pass us on the flats?


The P.O.S. had 170’s on it and the MUni came with 170’s also. The only way I’ll pass ya’ll on the flats is if I’m driving or on my motorcycle! hehehe

I was going to see if you might want to ride on Sunday, but I guess that big project killed that idea, eh?

Wow, I didn’t notice the POS had 170’s. That was a lot of crank for a small OD tire.
I better not make any riding plans. I may go out for a quick one if I get stir crazy.


Hey Scott, if you do see a chance to ride tomorrow, call me @ 533-0494 and if I’m home, I can meet you at O.P. within an hour

Scott, if I’m not home, try my mobile @ 823-1748 if you get a chance to play

I started a new thread about my ride at Flat Rock, Flat Rock Review

As far as next weekend, it looks like Saturday will be the best day for the muni riders to be there. The XC course will be open to ride on, and if we wanted to we could ride behind the beginner TT race. They would like for us to ride in areas that are “spectator friendly” so people can see us, but we could probably get in a partial XC loop if we want.
I will probably go late Saturday morning and stay all day.
Scott S. can’t make it, he will be snow skiing. That is one busy kid.