Attn: Skippii

I’m not sure I’d have too much fun on anything bigger than the 37.5" equivalent wheel size I have on my geared giraffe (if I flip the wheel around I have a 31" equivalent wheel size, cause I have sprockets on both sides of the hub). I like the 31" size a lot better… I think that is about the optimum size in my opinion (for me anyway) for a geary ‘raffe. Larger sizes cause too much sway on top o’ that pole!

Mine’s geared to 46.5 as set up at last weekend, and can be switched to 52 with the other gear.
though I could get gears to give me 82…or even 108 :smiley:

That’s pretty insane! Freemounting on the 52" size must be fun :astonished: ! Are you consistent at freemounting on that size? Accelerating to cruising speed from the freemount (with that gear ratio) on top of that pole… also must require some getting used to, I would think.

As indeed I was. Have you ever tried riding your “fixie” like a “Gguni”? I was thinking about that all day today. It’d be weird with all the extra wheel, handlebars, and frame in the way, but I think it’d be fun to try.

I might have to give that a try… I’ll need a different seat though because mine cant rotate so that you can sit on it while its vertical. Next time we ride I’ll bring it to try though,

I think it would be cool if somone made a mini giraffe, but then geared it really really high so then youd be as high of the ground as a normal 20 inch, but the gearing would make a virtual like 28"+ wheel… thats what i would want


Hm…then you’d have an expensive giraffe with an 8" wheel that had no advantage over my $89 Sun 28". But it would be kinda cool…I guess. Just not sure I see the point.

I actually have been thinking about something like your geared giraffe for a while - I even went out and bought a bike to scavenge for parts, but they were the wrong parts, so now I have a nice bike for when 20" wheels are too damn small to get me anywhere. 20$ wasn’t a bad deal. anyhow.

I was thinking about putting a Big Apple on a 29" wheel (the wonderful ‘cruise control’ people like, and I like), and then gearing it up something ridiculous, like 1.75:1 or 2:1 or something. I figure I wouldn’t be much higher than a 5’ giraffe, which frankly feels quite natural to me now, and I’m sure I could find a way to get on. And then once I’m up there I’d have a cheaper machine than a schlumph that could still go fast.

Problem is, I’d need to find a really good frame builder (or get really good at frame building), and spend cash I don’t have. Maybe I should just save up for an outta phaze :q