Attn: Skippii

I am having withdrawls from not being able to ride your geared giraffe! I think I am going to order the parts I need to make one and schedule a meet down at JMU so we can ride on campus there and hopefully you can help me build one for myself. If you could PM me the parts that I need to order that would be excellent.


I’d try doing a smaller or bigger actual wheel so it’ll be unique.

oOoO- do a coker guni

I dont know Skippii’s really was a thing of beauty, but who knows. Either way, I think that the idea of riding distance on a giraffe sounds hilariously fun…if you dont go 100+miles that is and hurt your knee (ouch).

I think if you go long distances you will get tired and lazy. Normally a fast upd on a normal uni would be bad but i would be alot worse on a giraffe.

Oh yes I know, even the not so fast UPDs kind of hurt, but if I was doing this for practicality and safety it wouldnt be anywhere near as fun.

I think a 20" version with a higher gear ratio would be cool.

Why is that? and what gear ratio are you thinking of?

This thread has given me a major urge to get my “Coker on a pole” (see thread with said name if interested in further info about it) back on the road… I just need to get a tube for my spare airseat, figure out how the heck to fold it correctly and install it, and then I’ll be all set to get back up there! Weaving through NYC traffic on a geared giraffe is tons of fun - just gotta be extra careful not to kick cars’ sideview mirrors with my pedals when I ride through tight spots (I don’t think they like that)! The 31" size on my geared giraffe is actually a lot more fun than the 37" size, so I’ll have to flip the wheel around since I still have it on the 37" size. Plus, free-mounting is a lot easier on the 31" side!

James- It would be more manuverable, and have a lower CG

Parts used:

Savage 5-foot giraffe frame and seat post
Savage 5-foot giraffe axle/hub, which will need upgrading soon.
Really wide cotterless bicycle crank axle (same as savage but 20 MM longer.)
175mm cranks
34-tooth gear (1/8th inch)
19T (19 tooth) 1/8th CroMo fixed gear cog
26" rim and spokes
26X1.5" tire
KH Fusion seat
strong chain for 1/8 cogs

40 tooth gear
Extra chain for larger gear (might not be needed if you leave enough leeway on the tensioners.
Gussets to keep the grame from bending to the chain side.

You can save some money by using the stock 28tooth gear with a 14 or 15 tooth cog, designing the frame so you don’t need such a wide crank axle, and even using the 20" wheel that comes with the giraffe (save a lot on wheel as well as wheelbuilding costs.) If you use the stock wheel and gear, use a 12T cog for the same ratio.

that is crazy! You should try it out on a higher gear ratio too, but yes, coker on a pole is quite a fitting term for these things.

Anyone else have ideas about using a 20" wheel vs a 26" wheel? The 20" would obviously require a higher gear ratio, but would it be as smooth as the 26"?

Being 6 inches closer to the ground was the main advantage I saw, and just for experimentation. It’d be fun to try out at the skatepark too. I wonder which of these would be best for us? The serrated locknuts look like a good idea to keep the chain from loosening since all our weight is over the wheel.

Skippii - the last item on the list may be of use to you now.

Which one?

:thinking: There’s only one last item on the list. The 3mm Chainwheel spacers. Wasn’t your chain a lttle canted/skewed/not-straight?

Oh…that list! I thought you meant my list.
That won’t help me. I kneed to shift the lower cog, not the upper sprocket. As it is, I only have about 2 or 3mm of clearance from the sprocket to the frame.


I wonder which of these would be best for us?QUOTE]

I run an IRO rear hub on my fixie and it has held up pretty well, and its cheap. If you have the $, I’d buy a surly. And as for the serrated locknots, I’d just buy chain tensioners and then you’ll have no problems with sliding.

chain tensioners won’t do anything at all, except make the chain tighter. That’s not gonna help if the cog comes off the axle.
I don’t even have Chain Tensioners on my Gguni.

I thought he was talking about slipping in teh dropouts…

L0lZZZz i AM/r A n00BXIE!!!1