I will be flying into Brixton tomorrow with some of my friends. I will not be bringing any unicycles with me, but I would love to meet up with some London unicyclists. I will have 9 days in England, and I hope to make the best of it. I am an avid hiker so if anyone could help me with ideas for great hikes in England and how to take public transportation from London to the trail, that would be a great help! If anyone would like to meet up with me respond here or PM me. Other than hiking I would also appreciate any other ideas for fun or interesting things to do near the city or in the countryside.



I’d be happy to show you round London, but unfortunately I’m in Melbourne Australia at the moment, and won’t be back in London until April. I’ve emailed a couple of guys from London, hopefully one of them will be around while you’re there.

There is a unicycle hockey practice every Thursday night at the Westway sports centre in North Kensington, ususally at 9pm but sometimes at 8, check Rocket’s Lunis Page for contact details.

Have a great trip


Oh. ‘That’ London.

Thanks, I will check it out.

LUNIs are playing at 9pm for the next 3 weeks, we normally have atleast one spare Uni, I will try and remember to pack my spare next week. A lot of us have 2 or more sticks so equipment won’t be a problem.


great, thanks! I will try to make it out if I am in the area (I might be traveling/sight seeing). Hopefully I will meet up with some of the London Unicyclists.