attn: John Drummond

Hi all,
I was looking through John Foss’ album of NUC 2001 and found a picture of
John Drummond’s Coker. (sorry I don’t have a direct link, but it’s, click photo albums, then unicycle conventions then
NUC '01). Anyway, I see that his Coker is setup with a v-brake and
standard brake lever. John (Drummond), do you prefer this type of brake
over a “drag brake” like most Coker riders use? Also, how do you reach
the lever? It seems to be hard to reach. I understand using this setup
for muni, but it is the only Coker I have seen without a shifter lever
instead of the standard brake lever.

Jeff T.

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Coker brakes

I use a standard brake lever on my Coker. I have a Delta lever extender on it to make it easier to reach.

I’ve been pretty happy with this setup. Because of the uneven widths of the Coker rim, I think the normal brake lever gives a little better modulation. With a drag type brake there is one point in my rim that is slightly wider and pitchs me forward when it hits the brake.

Here are a few pictures of my Coker/brake setup:

I should mention that the Viscount seat is on the list of things to be replaced. Possibly of interest to some of you, I’ve mounted my handle with self tapping screws in the Viscount base.