Attn: Jamie from Uniproshop Re: Ride The Lobster

Hey Jamie, Can I get your address to send you back those balance bars? upon looking at the results it looks like you need them more than we do. :slight_smile:

-Jordan (Manly legs # 1 and 2)

1 German Speeders
2 Team NZUNI
3 Texacali
4 Personal Rollercoaster
5 Team Smile
6 Totally Doable
7 Lost Wheelers
8 Hans Islanders
9 Surly Speed Goats
10 The Centurions
11 Yellow Line Fever
12 UFO
13 Atlas
14 Team Manly Legs
15 Goonies
16 Team Venture
17 American Mojo
18 Puget Sounders
19 Team Flirt
20 Team Venus
21 North American Youth
22 2Y2D
23 West Coast Cokers
24 Team
25 Unicycle Max
26 Korea Dream Team
27 Team Balance
28 Smart Fellers
29 Detroit ‘RTUC’ Busters
30 Team Tricycle
31 The Old Peculiers
32 Yam Power!
34 Masticating Bunnies From Hell
35 Nova Scotia High Rollers

7 years experience if I remember correctly. You guys did awesome!

LOL! Although I have 19 years of unicycling under my belt so I don’t think I need them but maybe one of my teammates John Baine who has only been riding for 7 months! I think he might be one of the individual least years of unicycling experience!

And not to give excuses but on the first day we only had two riders which really hurt us especially since I was coming off a broken foot and only had 4 days of training before I left! The first day or two I over stressed my foot and from then on out everytime I rode my achilles tendions were in pain. :frowning: Oh ya, and we didn’t cheat by using any gears! :wink: But nonetheless it was a blast and congrats on your great placing!!

Hey Jamey,

I think COMPLETING the race with the limitations you guys had was a rock star move.

…as for geared unicycles being “cheating”, lets talk about this next time around when you (and everyone else) show up with your GUni! You know you will!

I know, I know, I am just giving you a hard time. :slight_smile:

P.S. we didn’t “cheat” either. but maybe next time we will… Our support person saw everyone using these fancy “geared hubs” and saw how fast they were going so he slipped one we had sitting in the van into my backpack for the last 4km of the race to give me that little boost.

Yes, you’re right! I will be getting a geared uni soon!!