Attn: Italian and French unicyclists!

Hey everyone!

I’m going on a two week trip with my parents to visit my sister in Florence, Italy. We are going to stay with her for a bit, then travel with her to Venice. After, we’ll all go to Paris for another week.

I plan to take my trials unicycle, and would love to meet up with any unicyclists near the three areas I am going!

Here are the dates:

Florence, Italy: December 16-20
Venice, Italy: December 20-23
Paris, France: December 24- January 1st

If you think you may be able to ride and/or visit with me, please email me at jess(at) or post a reply on here!

Thank you!



Chiedere là forse?

My girl lives in Italy, and i am traveling there to visit her in 23 days time, but i decided that im not taking my Uni, i dont think!. Because i am only aloud to carry 20Kg of luggage it will be confiscated at costoms!. Can i really be doing with stripping it apart and putting it back together when im there?.. id rather spend time with my girl however nice it would be to ride when im there!.. but she lives in the moutains and the trails would be nice!.. ah swings and roundabouts!.. i have days to decide yet!

Ask at the rather marvolous [link above!], there are heaps of unicyclists there, it is also a good juggling resource if you read and write italian!.

Hope you have a good trip… 23 days to go till im there myself.

I live in Paris but I won’t be there during Christmas time,
I will visit my family (in the South : Lyon and Aix en Provence). And I don’t know yet when I come back because this is over… in few days, I’ll be “job searching”, so no more dates in my schedule!

A lot of the parisian unicyclists do not read these forums ( and the french one), I will tell them if I can see them or I’ll phone them (and I’ll let you know)

Some of them will probably leave Paris during the vacation but I know that some others always stay in Paris.


Hi Jester, I live in Bologna (between Florence and Venice, you will pass from Bologna if you move by car!).
The bad new is that I work as juggler and I’ll have a lot of shows to do in those days (I work almost everyday from 16th to 24th)
The good new is that I work ALMOST everyday! For example the 21th I’ll perform only in the evening, the 22th I’m totally free ( I think…).

From Venice to Bologna the train trip lasts 1 hour and 40’, from Florence 1 hour. (for more infos you can look at HERE

We can meet maybe on 21th and/or 22th (the evening I perform you can stay with us, and we can ride the 21th or the 22th), you can sleep in my house.

I’ve done the same thing last year with eric (onefiftyfour)! Awesome!

Let me know! (you can also contact me at, or with this name and email on msn).

Last thing: me and my buddies have your t-shirts! LOL


hey jess, me and louise are going to be in paris; arriving on the 24th. If i bring my uni, we totally should hook up.


I have some bad news… I cannot take a unicycle! My parents were originally not concerned about it, but they re-evaluated it, and they decided against taking it. I understand their reasoning, though… they don’t want me going off and riding all the time. It’s a family trip.

Anyway, it would still be awesome to meet up with other unicyclists! My parents are open if we can arrange something where we can meet up. However, our train scedules are pretty set, so it would have to be in the either of the 3 cities we’ll be at.

pk - Good luck with the unicycle decisions, and thanks for the info!

anso - Please email me some riders in Paris info and/or have them email me! [jess(at)]

giocologgi - As I said above I’m kind of limited to the 3 cities we are going to. Thank you for the offer to stay at your house, that’s very nice of you. There might be some way to stop in Bologna, but probably not. My parents have a set schedule in place. I’m not giving up though! I would especially like to meet you since I did send those shirts and we emailed back and forth early this year! We might be able to meet somewhere in between Venice and Bologna…? I’ll be checking my email at internet trains, so I’ll email you when we get to Florence!

corbin - well we chatted about this on the Mount Diablo ride yesterday… (Corbin decided not to take his uni). It would be cool to meet up for a bit though! I’ll email you when we get to Paris, and we’ll see if it can happen.

Thank you everyone,


I have some unis, so if you would like to have a muni trip, some trial or something other, I think it’s possible, but this needs at least one day, i.e. you take the train from Florence or Venice in the morning and you’ll be back in the late afternoon-evening but, I know, it’s a family trip… :wink: Let me know anyway.

We can also meet in Bologna if you also want to visit this city (a couple of hours, or half a day…), or just for a lunch with your parents (my father has a restaurant in Bologna…)…

Between Venice and Bologna there arent’ many good places…

Anyway, let me know your movement and let’s see if we can meet up.


Wow! If I were your parents, I wouldn’t pass on that offer. That restaurant is great! and giocologgi is a great host and tour guide. Bologna is a really cool city. It will be less packed with tourists than Venice and Florence. Oh man, I wish I could come.


OH! HOW I LIKE THIS WEBSITE! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you really really much!

Thank you Eric! And, take a look at me, now (picture below)…

That’s your T-SHIRT, Eric!


I wait for you both!


Our original plan was not to leave Florence while we’re there, but my parents said they are willing to be flexible. That means maybe renting a car for a little bit, or going on a train from Florence to Bologna one day.

When they read the list of replies on here, they were really interested and want to make something work.

We are leaving in a couple hours to drive to the airport. I will try to get on here on a computer at an internet train sometime after we get there.

Here is my sister’s number: 011 393 207 590 545

You can call in the next day or so, or post or email me your phone number.



Jester, my mobile phone number is 347 1510024.
You can call me when you want!

I’m sorry I didn’t give news. I could’n find a unicyclist who would be in Paris and is easy to reach by phone…
I don’t know if it will be possible for you to read your e-mail but if yes…

The best thing will be to go to the unicyclist meeting we have every tuesday in Paris. I know some friends will be there this tuesday (december 28th). The meeting is exactely in the center of Paris, then they ride in Paris streets.
To go there, Stop at the RER station “les Halles” and ask for the exit “forum des halles”, then ask for the “manège” (sorry, I don’t know how to say it in English.
I hope it would be possible for you to meet french unicyclists.


I received the email from An’So about the meeting, and have communicated with her through that.

I have directions to the area, but I do not have the time of day they will be meeting!

An’So has not emailed me back yet… so out of desparation I am posting here… maybe she or another unicyclist who attends the Paris meetings’ will see this message!



p.s. my heart goes out to the victims of the southeast Asian natural disaster

Ah, I also just found the club’s website… but I can’t seem to find what time they meet for group practices.

Apparently, they normally have a practice every Tuesday night.
If you can read French and would like to help me, please try and
find the time of the meetings here:

Thank you! MERCI!



Haut-les-Mains practices (basketball, freestyle) every monday evening in the south Paris suburb.
The trip in the Paris streets takes place on friday TUESDAY night.
I just sent you an e-mail, please read it if you can.


Please read TUESDAY night !

(Friday is one of the big roller-skating event !)

Thank you very much!

Whew, I am glad a posted on here.

I received your email as well, merci!



The meeting is at 8 pm

(I’m so sorry I forgot to tell the time of the meeting…)


Well, finally we met and everything went well, as far as I know (I left the group and they went to Montmartre to practice gliding).

We were not so numerous because of the holliday season, otherwise Jess would have met basically the same people that can be seen on

More pictures later !

Some pictures of yesterday’s session here:

(these are compressed images, full-sized files available upon request).

Taking pictures of moving targets at night is quite uneasy.