Attn: Great Britain Unicyclists!!!

I traded many many shirts while at Unicon, but one guy I traded with never got his shirt…

I did a shirt trade with a male British unicyclist and he gave me a B.U.C. 11 “evolution” shirt during the farewell party. I was going to give him the shirt I had in my room later that night, or in the morning. I don’t remember what room he said he was in, but I know it was on the 4th floor, like me. Well that night was crazy, and I didn’t see him again. The next morning as everyone was leaving, I kept an eye out for him, but never found him.

For all Brits reading this: Please ask men who went to Unicon if they did a trade but never got the shirt. It was for a Troopizi shirt.

Hopefully we can find the guy, and I can send him a shirt!




Would this be a big lad with ginger hair?
I think it is Alan (Aardvark) Chambers you’ll be looking
for (he did lots of trading…)


I checked with Alan earlier. He says it wasn’t him. He wanted a Troopizi shirt but they didn’t have XL. Unless this is the XL shirt they didn’t have…