attn: Eugene Cathcart (and OR Muni riders)

I’m hoping to get in contact with Eugene Cathcart. I hear he’s living in Oakridge, OR now and has ridden just about every one of the trails there. I’d like to expand my knowledge of the area and was hoping someone here would have his contact info so I could get a munist’s take on a few of the trails.

Relatedly, have any of you Oregon and Washington folks done much Muni in Oakridge? I’ve started to wear out my little Eugene trails. Oakridge is a bit closer (for me) than Corvalis and the Mackenzie river trails.

Eugene Cathcart

Eugene is a Pioneer of MUni! He used to manufacture a unicycle called Dirt Uni that was ahead of its time a few years ago. It is weird that he never got the recognition that he deserves. I hear that he is now into Biking more than Unicycling.


Have you contacted Bike Friday? Apparently they seem to know him.