attn coker fans! hub!

you people might be interested,
they are actually available according to the website.


In order for both hub flanges and both crank ends to touch the surface on which the assembly rests, the cranks cannot possibly be on straight. I like the inter-flange support posts rather than an axle. Would you hop on that?

It is obviously a cottered hub rather than a cotterless hub and the picture was taken without the cotter pins installed. It’s elementary my dear Watson.

Looking at some of his other pictures of his varous Penny Farthings with that hub you can see the cotter pins and cottered cranks.

i looks like sombody already has…

johns right, oh well worth a look though.

it looks like theres an axle as well as the rods on the flanges, maybee they found that the flanges needed re-inforcing when they were that size?

I wasn’t looking at the other pictures, I was looking at the one in this thread. Your eyes are better than mine…but I look better in swimwear.

Take a close look at the Mk I penny. It uses a Sturmey-Archer 3 speed and more chain than my recumbent bike!

How’s The Hub coming, Greg?


Since we haven’t seen any pictures here of J_C in swimwear (I searched), we’ll have to take Greg’s word for it, I’m afraid.