Attn: Checkernuts - Convention in Penn.

Hey Chex, is that convention happening on the 22nd? I’ll be there if there’s something. I just need some details. Thanks.

The way its gonna work is we are going to do some unicycling stuff Sat the 22, Uni basketball is gonna be the big activity for then. I dont think I’m going to be able to build any trials stuff, but were in the city and you can allways find some fun stuff to play on. We are also going to be doing some workshop kinda stuff. Where everyone gets together and gives tips to each other on how to do tricks. I’m like a lever 4+ rider but if I can help with anything I’ll teach you.

Sat night 7pm we are going to be having a public show, mostly juggling stuff but it should be funny and a good time for everyone there.

On Sun the 23rd we are getting together to go on a Muni ride in the city at Frick Park they have alot of really good Trails and I’m gonna try to find something that is easy enough for beginers but also has some more technical sections for more advanced riders.

Also if you can Juggle theres gonna be alot of juggling activites going on. If you cant we can teach you that too.

I hope to see everyone there