Attn: California riders

I am going to be near san francisco (i think…danville or walnut creek area) from friday till wednesday. I am going to be primarily visiting my grandmother, but I might have some time to unicycle and meet some other riders. Is anyone in the general area that could let me borrow a unicycle(as I will not be taking any unicycles on the plane trip) and go for a ride in san francisco? I have never been before and I think a unitour of the area would be grand.

I have SATs on Saturday, and might be doing a machinery move on Sunday, however I might be up for fitting a ride in somewhere in there. For the first time in about 18 months, I have TWO, count 'em TWO fully functional unicycles, so yes, I can lend you one. I’d prefer trials in a place such as Justin Herman Plaza (embarcaderro) but would also be up for muni if other want to. You can borrow my trials uni or muni, whichever you prefer. The muni has a more comfortable seat, but obviously won’t be quite as good for trials. If you’re not doing SIF hops, the trials seat will feel like a sterilizer…

Duct tape a rolled-up newspaper onto a cinder block and have a seat. That’s what gerble’s trials seat feels like. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you guys ride on Sunday I would probably drive over from Sacramento/Roseville, P.S. Juaqin Miller park was a blast last trip I would love to do that ride again but open to most any ride

Yeah, except make that soggy newspaper, but also quality, expensive newspaper… like the New York Times. In its current state that seat/seatpost combo was around 200 bucks. Funny that I should spend so much on something that I don’t sit on.

I could do a MUni or distance ride on Sunday. What kind of ride are you thinking of? You could also think about coming by our unicycle basketball meeting on Tuesday in Berkeley, weather permitting.

Okay so I found out I will actually be in San Ramon, which I still believe is close to san fran(I have no idea though since I have never been to this area before).

tholub - I would be up for any kind of riding. I would like to go on a long distance ride through the city if someone had an extra 29 or coker, that would rule, but I will also be up for muni or trials.

gerblefranklin - sounds good, I dont know where Justin Herman Plaza is, but Im sure it would be fun. I won’t know what days or what times during the day I will be free, but I will update this thread as I receive information.

Whoa, you live in Roseville? I’m from Granite Bay/Loomis. When I’m home for winter break, or next summer we should ride.



San Ramon is not too far from San Francisco; maybe an hour by car.

I think we can probably manage to scrounge up an extra big wheel for you. Maybe mscalisi or nbrazzi can come up with the map from the 39-mile San Francisco ride.

Anyone get any contact info for siafirede? Are we doing a ride?

Sorry, I am in CA right now, I will be going into san fran with my family today, so I will not be able to ride. Tomorrow I am not sure what is going on, but chances are I will be with my family, so I guess this weekend will not work out. I will, however, be in Berkley on sunday night…my brother and I are going to go to 924 gilman for a show. Berkley is only 30 min away from here, so the unicycle basketball is possible on tuesday, PM me more info about that.

Family? Get your priorities straight, man! (Or at least teach them all to unicycle so they’ll come with you).

Current weather reports for Tuesday are good, so basketball should be hopping. Send me a PM if you can confirm and I can arrange to have an extra uni there for you. (How tall are you?)

I am not sure if I can confirm as of yet, but I am maybe 5’9 to 5’10 with a 30-32 inseam. Where does the basketball take place? I was just in Berkley today on telegraph ave and saw someone riding a 26" uni on the street.

I was around on my 29er today, that might have been me you saw.

The basketball is at Strawberry Creek Park in west Berkeley; official start time is 6:30, but it usually doesn’t get rolling until 7:00 or so. I can definitely hook you up with a uni.