Attn: all Orange County unicyclists

The Orange county Unicycle Club (in California) will be having a ride tommorow, Sunday at 2:00 at Dana Point Harbor. We are looking at having around 15-20 unicycles and would love to have more. So join us at Beach Cities Pizza on Golden Lantern in Dana Point Harbor. For directions or info reply to this post or call me at 949-981-9033

I’m gonna be at UCI! I donno if I can make it, 'cause of the sand castle building competition, but I want to… Todd’ll be with me and he’s going, so I can figure it out by following him I s’pose.

orange county ?is there where the orange county chopper lives?

No, there is an Orange County in California and New York. Orange County Choppers is new york.

yeah…i’m doing it.
@adam: what time do you want to pick me up?
@chuck: yeah…i figure we can build until about 12:30, then ride bikes back to be here by 1.

I may still be shooting footage locally for my next vid, but I’ll try to make it. Dana Point is always a fun ride!

Tim or I will be at UCI between 1:15 and 1:30 to pick you guys up! Good luck with the sand building, make it unicycle themed!

Todd and Chuck: It will probaly be Tim picking you up around 1:20.
Everyone else: come on down to Dana Point at 2:00!