Attention UK muni riders... Anyone fancy a ride in Glentress?

I am heading there with a group of mountain bikers on Sept 12-13.
If you are around and would like to join me, let me know! That would be great instead of trying to keep up with the bikers… And Glentress is supposed to have great trails, hopefully well worth the trip.

Also, if you have been there before, what was it like??



Glentress is awesome, some of the best trails that i have ever ridden, and it caters for all abilities. The black route is great on a muni and goes through the ewok village which is a north shore play area, the red route is fun but is designed to be ridden fast and so cannot be ridden to its full potential on a muni.

A small group of us went up there last christmas holidays for a few days and it was fantastic, Innerliethen has some great xc too, there is just one xc trail but it is about 20 miles long

Unfortunately i am busy that weekend it would be great to come ride with you but have other plans


Yeah, its a great ride!
Unfortunately I too am busy that weekend.

Maybe we could organise a Muni weekend there sometime?


Ewok village no longer exists as far as I know.

I’ve done the black route on a bike a few times. I’d possibly come but getting there would be a problem for me. I don’t think there is a bus service from Glasgow?

That’s a shame that neither of you can make it, but hopefully another time.
I was not too sure which uni to take with me, but from your comments, it sounds like my 29" will be best for the red trails and my 24" for the black ones… I wish I had a 24" or 26" Guni!

@unigamer - well done, 2 posts in the same thread at exactly the same time…
Not sure about bus services. I will be coming from Aberdeen so I can’t help you here. Let me know if you find a solution. How was the black one by the way - suitable for muni?


Must have submitted reply twice… whoops.

I’m not going to be able to make it in September as I’m going back to uni and transferring my stuff around. I would like to go round Glentress on the uni though, so sometime.

The black one is quite long. Website says 18 miles but I remember it as longer. There are various car parks you can start at so it would depend on that too. The first sections are pretty much all up and not exciting but once you get to this massive (communication) tower it’s pretty sweet.

It would be possible to do on the uni but you would need to start early.

Id love to join you for this, only got a nimbus 29 so would have to ride that,

im nightshift on my rota for both days but if u gave me some serious details i could organise swaps if it sounds worth it,


Does your Nimbus have a flux capacitor?

Gutted, I’ll be on my honeymoon then…perhaps I should try and persuade my other half to go on a biking holiday and accidently stumble upon you guys :stuck_out_tongue:

:thinking: What date are you thinking?

Ha ha - These September dates were for 2009… But how about setting 2010 dates?

I would really like to go there again, it was great last year although I was with bikers only.

Would anyone fancy a ride there in May/June?? 2010


that time of year sounds much better for me like,

should be driving by then so i wouldnt mind picking guys up,

really want to hit this spot like,



I would have to be up for that…will have to see closer to the time :smiley:


Just seen the dates of the rides…theres me making a plonker of myself again:(

How about sometime in July or August 2010?

Ha ha, should have made the year more obvious in my post I guess!

Well, is anyone interested in a ride in Glentress in the next couple of months then?
Let me know and we can set something up through PMs.