Attention span.

Hay there i was wondering what every ones attentions apan is like, how long do u unicycle fore, how often do u unicycle and most importanterly how long can you persevere with a trick you are not getting.

I would say i practice four or five times a week fore about 0.30-1.00 I would also say that i can only persevere on a trick im not getting for about 20mins after that i try something else.

many thanx

I ride my unicycle as often as I can, normally every day but at the moment its around 5 times a week due to crap brittish weather! when I ride I usually ride around 3-5 hours a day.
sticking to a trick: to be honest it entirely depends on the trick I’m trying to learn. With wheelwalking and the kick up mount I spent around 4 hours nonstop untill I got it. Unispins and crankflips… about half an hour and then I get bored

Once I’m focussed I can…hey, look at that tricked out motorcycle!

Same… stupid England weather :angry:

Whenever I have free time.

I have a long attention span. Getting tired, being too hot, or getting hurt will make me stop unicycling before I get bored. If I’m really close to a trick I will try for ages to get it. I find it hardest to have the motivation to actually start riding in the first place, but once I get outside I’ll usually ride for an hour or two.

I do not have a short attention sp- runs and chases a fly that is over head

Unicycle 5-7 days a week for about 3 hours a day and i spend like 45 minutes max on one trick.

I spent an hour more at a time working on idling, riding backwards etc. a few years ago.

As a rider, on my 700c, it is common for me to ride solidly for an hour without a dismount.

Attention span will vary with age. I’m 45. It would have been a different story at 14.

When people talk to me, I tend to drift off… But Nonetheless. when I uni i can doo it for hours on end…

I just forgot.

When I go on a ride, I usually ride for between three and five hours with a stop or two mixed in there. When I’m just riding around campus, I’m usually on for 20 to 90 minutes at a time, a few times a day (as classes get in and let out, killing time between them).

Unicycles are our friends :slight_smile:

When your long time girlfriend/wife/fiancee is talking to you and all you can think about is…“Man, i would break up with her to go unicycle.” and at the same time, picture her as your favourite unicycle too also.