Attention Scottish Riders

I have proposed to my local MP that we hold a unicycling event in the capital. It would be good if we could get as many riders from a cross the country to take part. If I don’t get a great response from Scots riders it probably won’t go through, so show me who’s interested ASAP by sending me an email.


Aaron and I would be interested in coming we go to the Borders (Glentress, Mabie etc) quite regularly and so might other members of Cumbria Muni & Trials Club. If you get something organised, we would be pleased to support it. Let us know if we can be of any assistance - Carlisle is only 1.75hrs away on a good day.

Good Luck!


thanx guy’s it would always be good to have as much support as possible, I will get back to you with as much info as I can ASAP

Look forward to hearing from you.

If you havnt looked at the website, my email is TheFatController (at) Cumbriamuni (dot) com.


I will come, and would see if I could persuade Simon to come… then pick Joe up on the way. You are only 3 hours North of us here.

Other riders you need to work on are Ewan from Stirling (although if you mention me being there, you will find he has another event he has to be at!.. he doesn’t do it on purpose but it just happens) and Niel Dunlop on Shetland.


yeh I know ewan and i’m sure he’ll come, thanks for telling me about the guy from shetland, seems like a bit of a trek for him though. Any of you know anyone or are someone that would be interested in taking part from Scotland?

Jas’o - is there any muni or perhaps boulders for trials around Arthurs Seat or what ever its called. I also wonder if we could ride down that little hill at Hollyrood? Park (Palace?) or is it a footpath of some sort. But dont you have different footpath hiarchy up there and no bridlepaths?

Simon Rolph

Around Holyrood park there is alot of great rough terrain stuff, mind you, Muni n Trails ain’t really my style, I’m more of a freestyler and thats what I want this competition to be about, but if you came up I would definately recommend you take a ride around Arthur’s Seat

I’m still looking for Scottish Riders, the more the merrier, if I can get high numbers I’ll get everything up and running soon and I’ll give everyone details of the competition.
Unicycle For Scotland…


Hi I have been asked to orginise a unicycle event in the CairnGorms near Avimore. It is still early in the orgising, we hope to have it this summer. If you would like to be kept informed then let me know.


I ain’t really into Muni so I probably won’t show up there, but I’m also in the process of organising a Trials/Freestyle event In Edinburgh. I’m sure I’ll see you all there.

i would love to come to something in aviemore, im not very good at all, i can go forwards, hop, jump, go downstairs and sometimes free mount. but i would really like to come see anything like that. i live in aberdeen but go to aviemore sometimes 4 holidays. keep me updated plz…

You can easy put me down as interested. Whether I can make the journey down is another thing. It would give me a perfect chance to wear [show off] my Saltire Roach pads tho :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I live Dumfries. I would be interested in coming ot Edinburgh or Mabie Forest.

DarkTom - have uni will travel

Howdy! I’ll come to Edinburgh, I’ll come to Aviemore, I’ll go to the borders, I’ll go for a cycle anywhere anywhere that isn’t too far away.

Keep me posted on the edinburgh thing, man.

I’m still tryin to get permission from some bitch to ride in “her” area. Don’t worry guys, I will always provale especially when my uni skills are concerned
I’ll keep you ALL posted,