Attention: North Jersey Area Unicyclists

Calling all North Jersey area unicyclists:

This Saturday, September 10, North Haledon, NJ is having it’s annual North Haledon Day. There will be a parade at 1:00pm then a picnic afterwards with fireworks to follow.

My boys and I will be riding in the parade representing my little business, RideTheUnicycle.Com, in an attempt to heighten unicycle awareness in the town. During the picnic until dusk I’ll be joining local businesses in the town park where we’ll display what we do to the locals. I’ll be selling my book, Ride The Unicycle - A Crash Course!, T-shirts and Uni-Pens. I’ll also be raffling off a brand new 20" Sun unicycle.

I thought it would be nice to get as many North Jersey area unicyclists as possible to ride in the parade to make it a more spectacular showing.

Anyone interested in joining us please let me know by responding to this thread or emailing me at

The details are as follows:

North Haledon Day Parade
North Haledon, NJ 07508
Parade Kickoff is 1:00pm at the Eastern Christian High School, 50 Oakwood Avenue, North Haledon, NJ

Picnic from 1:00pm to dusk
Fireworks to follow.

Unfortunately I’ll be riding in an AIDS charity ride Saturday (50 miles)… I’m going to school at East Stroudsburg… maybe we can get together for a ride sometime?


Im going to try and get a ride there, but what will I be doing? Is it going to be mostly flat terrain, I dont really want to fall in a parade, but it might just happen. Do you have any unis I can try out while I’m there? All I have ridden is my LX and I want to try something else. How old are your kids? (Just hoping ones around my age) How long will the ride be?

(Really only the next town over)

My sons are 10 and 8. The parade route is pretty easy. There’s a little hill in the middle of the route. Falling is ok. If you can free mount than it’s no real problem. If you need help starting then one of us can help you. I have several different uni’s you can try. I’ll be riding my 5 foot custom. Two of my boys will be on 18". Son #3 will ride his bicycle since he doesn’t uni yet. And son #4 who is only 1 will ride in a little car that my wife will pull.

Hope to see you there.

OK, looks like I can go. Im planning on getting there about 10 till. Do you have like a trials cycle you can bring? That would be awesome if you do. I just hopped on the uni and went up and down my street without a UDP so I should be fine. Im just wearing jeans and a white quiksilver tshirt if thats OK. If theres something you want specifically just say so. My mom wants to know about helmets, will everyone be wearing one? I’m going to have to.


I guess I didn’t leave early enough. We got to a road lbock with 10 minutes till 1 and the first cop sent us to another cop that was pretty far away. He let us through but that road just brought us back to the first cop who wouldn’t. By then it was already 1 and we were told the walk was a good 3/4 of a mile away. Sorry aboutthat, I wish I could have made it. You should look into Franklin Lakes day, its coming up on the 24th. Theres no parade, but you could probably set up a little stand.


Why is he riding in a car and not uning