Attention!! Important!! Please Read!!

Carl Hoyer falls off his unicycle from time to time! Look!

(more pics of our Winter MUni ride at )

(I’m currently uploading more pics…if the video is up, then that’s it)

snow carl.jpg

Looks like wild and crazy riding guys! What FFFUUUUUNNNNN!


Oh, That looks Xtreem. :wink:

I don’t know what you’re talking about … I never fall off my unicycle! I was just … umm … resting. Ya, that’s it … I was tired … I went to bed late the night before … no wait, even better … I’m still on German time. :slight_smile:

OK … maybe I fell. Thanks for the pictures.


Dang that looks fun, not to mention fun. I wish I had some snow here to ride around in.


Re: Attention!! Important!! Please Read!!

Ok, so it was the Carl and Jeff I was thinking of. Looks like a great ride
you had. Man Kelso looks different in winter than summer when we were there!