Attention! Help edit the UNICYCLOPEDIA
The unicycle wikibook has been changed a bit, thanks to a lot of work by Ulf. We have been in contact quite a bit, discussing how to improve this site and make it a really useful resource. The main thing that will make this site useful is for everyone to get over there and add whatever unicycling knowledge they have to the site. The goal is for it to become a “complete encyclopedia of unicycling knowledge.”
We especially need more stuff on street, trials, and MUni, and there’s nothing yet on racing, riding giraffes, BC wheels etc., or distance/big wheel. It would be helpful if people who are experts in these and other areas would make themselves informal, unofficial editors for different topics, and try to regularly add new information to the site as it comes up here. (I am doing this for freestyle, since that’s what I know most about. This does not mean we can’t have another freestyle editor.)
In any case, EDIT THE UNICYCLOPEDIA. Feel free to add links to websites, videos, and threads on RSU. The more information in this page, the more useful it will be. If you have any comments on ways in which the site should be rearranged, post them here.

Much thanks to this who have devoted time already to this project,
Jonathan Miersma :slight_smile:

I just registered, so you may access the page on wikibooks through

I hope that’s easier to remember :slight_smile:

I have added a lot of stuff to the Unicyclopedia’s freestyle section, including links to videos demonstrating some of the skills, and the trials section is reasonably large. The street and MUni sections, however, are still pathetically small. :frowning:

Isn’t there anyone who could at least write a little bit about basic techniques for these styles? It doesn’t take long to do this. Let’s make this site a really useful resource!:slight_smile:

Several new sections have been added to the Unicyclopedia, including BC, UW, giraffes, racing, rolling trials, safety, and manufacturers. Most of these have not yet been written yet, but the page has been set up. Could someone who is in the know on these subjects, or has any useful information at all (you don’t have to be an expert to edit) please start writing these sections? I did start the “manufacturers” section, by listing all the unicycle brands I could think of, and I added a little but of information on certain brands, but didn’t have time to do much more. The idea for this section is to list and describe all the popular unicycle manufacturers, and give details on the different models and their specifics. It shouldn’t be too hard to edit.

I don’t understand why there hasn’t been more activity on the Unicyclopedia. It seems to me that it would become a very useful resource if everyone here would try to edit regularly, even if only for ten minutes a week. Are there any problems with the site that make it awkward to use, or is everyone just busy/lazy?

I’ve added some random and incomplete safety info, not sure if it’s all correct.

I’d like to see more info on racing, I have only one speed that I can sustain for more than thirty seconds. How do you guys go fast?

I’d also like to see someone write up a “making unicycle movies” guide on the Unicyclopedia.

I’d like to buy a digital video camera that isn’t too expensive, and works well with Linux. What are good movie editing applications on Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc? What sort of shots are best? (Should the famous movie editor/producer Catboy chime in here?)

I’ve gotten the impression that there’s a standard structure for a unicycle film as well. Something like, show all the good stuff in the first two thirds, then show the worst of the bad stuff in the last third. Is that right? Someone told me that it’s the same structure used in skateboard films too.

That looks good :slight_smile:

We added a few sections recently to make it more inviting for people to edit the unicyclopedia. The current list of topics is:


Organisations (*)


Rolling trials ()
Racing (
Big wheels ()
Giraffe (
Ultimate wheel ()
BC wheel (


Armour and clothing

The sections with a (*) are unfortunately still empty. If you know anything about these topics, please write something!

Are there any other topics that we have forgotten? Comments on the current structure and the contents, anyone?

The freestyle section is probably the most comprehensive that has ever been written, thanks to jsm! :slight_smile: