Attempted unicycle theft

I was relaxing thinking that my 36er was safe. Then I noticed the would be uni thieves stealthily approaching my 36er from the sea…

They were just about to snatch my uni from dry land :astonished:

I chased them away telling to leave my 36er alone…:stuck_out_tongue:

Bwah ha ha !!




(speaking as someone who has had 4 unicycles stolen over the years)

Look at your temptress unicycle, standing up and showing itself off. It’s like it’s saying “Come and get me! Ride me!” How can you blame people for being curious? :slight_smile:

Hello John, yes that’s one handsome uni right there with the Zero saddle for added curiosity.

However, I failed to mention that there’s a boat ramp just to the left and out of view. The supposed uni-thieves were actually quite innocently making there way to the ramp… lol!