Attempt at standup WW video clip

Here is a vid of a terrible attempt at standup WW. Now that I have seen the vid I know I have to lean back more I think. I’ll definitely try that at the Uniques meet tonight (yes Steve, I am coming). It’s the last one in the gallery here:

Try wearing a helmet and probably elbow pads. You’ll feel safer while trying and wont be as afraid to just go for it. It probaly going to take you forever otherwise.


tyler is so hardcore he dosint need that stuf

Hey, isn’t that how people get killed or paralyze themselves? I guess I call his unis when that happens.


Some tips for improvement:

Keep the instep of your non-driving foot on the crown, not the toes.

Also, lean back when pushing the tire, so you’ll have to glide more. That’s get you farther.

Edit: Lastly, calling it a “terrible attempt” is just fishing for somebody to tell you otherwise. If you really do think it’s terrible, then you wouldn’t wanna post it for people to see.

Stand on the middle of your on the frame foot, instead of the toes, as suggested already. Not that your not already doing it, but grip the saddle hard with your knees. When I was learning I rubbed the inside of my knee raw. It might help to raise your seat a little, unless its already up right under your knees.

And, keep practicing.:slight_smile:

like some people already said, put the arch of your foot on the frame, not your toe. lean back more. go faster. put your arms out for balance. I think that’s all…
oh, and

that too.

I never used much protection, only when it’s needed. Sometimes wrist guards.
More important is to take a place with all space to make UPD’s. That would make you more relaxed up there.
And to improve riding: look forward, not at the ground.

my rule of thumb is that I always use protection when learning a new skill, until I can do it pretty much all the time, or at least until I know there’s no chance of hurting myself.
and once I have it down, I sometimes wear the helmet, because you know, might as well…