Not quite one for the comments thread. This happened a couple of days ago. I was out on the KH24 muni and I went onto some rough ground where there is a derelict building and lots of debris. As I approached the building I saw 4 young kids, probably 10-12 years old. I heard them shouting and I thought to myself, “Here we go” but in fact they turned out to be quite friendly and asked some sensible questions - and in a rare moment of benevolence I even let one of them sit on the uni. So far so good.

I then rode on and after a bit of exploring for a while I came back the same way. As I approached the building I saw the four kids walking away, turning and shouting defiant abuse at someone. I wondered whether the land owner had chased them off, or whether it was just a spat with some other kids. It crossed my mind that I might need to intervene.

Then I cam round the corner of the building and saw two chavs in their late teens, possibly drunk or drugged. One wittily shouted, “Oi, you’ve chopped your f**ing bike in half, prck” and then they decided it would be amusing to throw stones at me.

All I could do was keep riding, hoping that they would be too lazy to run after me. Most people could sprint faster across rough ground than I can ride the 24. I heard and felt some large stone hitting my spokes. On 6 inch cranks and a 24 inch wheel, that means they were pretty close to my ankles. I made it to safety, but it was unpleasant while it lasted.

30 years of riding, and this is the first time I’ve been the victim of any sort of sustained attack.

Glad to hear you are OK. Good reminder that in the woods we are not alone. 4 legged or 2 legged animals. Is bear spray allowed in your country?

Why not inform the police? There is no need to just accept this form of attack.
Time, place and a description of the idiots could give police enough information to maybe identify them if they harass other people elsewhere and elsewhen.

Bear spray’s not allowed in the UK, as we don’t really have bears :smiley:

I agree with Henni though, at least report it so they’ve got it logged, that way if there’s any more trouble there’s two cases on the chavs.

I’ve had a few teenagers try and chase me down, usually they run away when I get off and confront them. You shouldn’t have to deal with it in that way though!

This is where it takes a community.

Turn around and go teach the little bastards something their momma didn’t.

I know there are a bunch of "what if"s but what if those kids get schooled by someone who demands their respect (or civil treatment) and from then on think before they threaten anyone.

I would.
Then again I’m 6’3" up on a 31" wheel, scruffy looking, and sick and tired of the lack of respect in today’s society.
Oh ya… and bear spray is legal here.

We have a bike park here that I (along with others) have taken it upon myself to make regular patrolling afterhours to prevent parties, burnt/damaged buildings, or just general disrespect for the area.
My routine is to approach while taking video or pictures, address the problem and offer a solution to the idiots that they can do without the authorities. Whatever that is… leaving, picking up their garbage, taking their firewood pallets away, respecting other campers, etc…
If they can’t do that then I threaten to take my evidence to the police.

Out of the ten times or so, the police have only been involved three times. Once was to lecture me about damaging other people’s property. I’ve ripped spark plugs off of motorbikes when the owners have given me no other choice. They had to push their motorbikes for several kms to get out of the bike park.
The other two were to provide pictures which helped get a conviction against the lawbreakers.

So far, so good. The park has never been cleaner in the last several years because the kids can’t be bothered to be publicly embarrassed (in front of their friends) so they go somewhere else to be idiots.

This is what works for me.

are chavs a typical british product?
only once did I get deprecative/aggressive comments … and these were from girls in a London suburb (with a language the clergy do not know :D)
…no: for sure chavs exist everywhere : what are your experiences? (apparently being perceived as an “old geezer” often protects me: I even got a “respect sir!” from characters I would not like to meet at night in a back alley)

Chav is an English word, possibly derived from one of the Indian languages. They communicate with grunts, have a great sense of entitlement (“I know my rights”) and no sense of social obligation. They may well be one of the unintended consequences of the welfare state. In a sense, they are the new aristocracy: a minority who are supported by the taxes of the many, and spend their time fighting and shagging.

Going to the police about a relatively minor incident would be pointless, not least as I was trespassing anyway. I’m invading their habitat and need to show the same caution as if I were in the jungle.

The Roma (“Gypsies”) originally came from India, and there’s a word of theirs that has now been adopted in Spain: “chaval.” It’s a slang word for kid, though it is often used to address or refer to an adult as well, somewhat like the North American word “dude.”

One does occasionally experience a bit of uni-hate, though in my experience, adverse reactions to unicycling are fairly rare, and usually only come from managerial or law enforcement personnel. I do know a street performer who was beaten down while being arrested for not putting his giraffe away quickly enough, but as a result he won some sort of legal settlement from the city. Sorry about what happened to you, though. The only people who ever threw anything at me while I was on a unicycle were jugglers. In your case it sounds like it had less to do with unicycling than with being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Glad you’re OK.

They are just jealous losers. If they don’t straighten up they will just provide employment for the criminal justice system.

The odd random canine

From time to time a random dog might chase and bark at me… just 2 days ago, a cattle dog chased me for approx 50 M. … have ridden of all places in Pategonia Argentina streets earlier this year, where 2 x random dogs (viscous looking) got quite close to my shoes… kept on peddling away and that seemed to do the trick… mind you it was a scary few moments. … only the once did a Labrador on a lead with its owner by side actually lunged out and bit my shoe whilst peddling … it was just a snap … Somehow Jimmy was able to stay cool and carried on… …no human attacks as yet.

Glad you’re OK, Mikefule – don’t let the tossers get you down!


I’m about to purchase My first Uni, but I own 5 two wheeled bikes and I always carry Halt with me. It’s pepper spray for dogs. Not only will it stop a dog it would stop those sweet kids and make them think twice about bothering you again. I ride over 100 miles a week and twice I’ve sprayed dogs that would have eaten me, and once to a red-neck who said I couldn’t ride on his road so he stopped and got out of his truck to attack me. It didn’t happen, he got sprayed…





Or it would make them come up with a revenge plan. Enter circle of violence. :thinking:

After 45 years of riding I have had my share of dog’s attacking me. But my scariest encounter was with a guy in Cincinnati about three years ago. I was riding back home from downtown Cincy after a 25 mile ride and this guy in a car starts screaming at me out his window. It was so loud I could hear him over my music blaring in my headphones. He was saying among other things that he was going to kill me! He had a look in his eye that said he wasn’t kidding. He pulled his car over quickly got out and started chasing me on foot very fast, the whole time he was still yelling at me. I rode faster than I probably ever rode in my life because I was very scared. I could see him in my mirror that I have mounted on my helmet. He tried so hard to catch me but I had the 36" and a bit of a head start. I finally pulled away from him with my heart about to fly out of my chest! I found a building with many people in it and went inside. I was afraid we would get back in his car and come back for me. The only explanation that I have is that this guy was on some major drugs. I’m much more aware of my surroundings after this incident.