Attacked and knocked off my Uni by an angry mob.............

…although to be fair if I was a turkey this close to Xmas I’d be a bit angry!!

Birds of a feather, mob uni riders together! :smiley:

Did you “pardon” them? :stuck_out_tongue:

I let them off for now…I’ll see how big they are on the 24th.

You should have told them to get stuffed.

I assume they are domesticated.

What tire is that you have there on your 29"?

Looks like a good tread pattern that won’t slip while cornering; it may be be a good replacement for my wearing Nanoraptor.

Does it handle road camber well?

I felt really bad for you when I read the title of this post!

Still, now we have the foxhunting ban, perhaps hunting turkeys on a unicycle might be a suitable replacement…

It looks like a WTB Exiwolf to me, though i’m just guessing.

It’s a WTB Weirwolf LT29 x 2.55 and I’m loving it. Checking out various revews on MTB sites it seems to have mixed opinions about it - some love it & some think it’s sidewalls are too weak.

I run it at 35psi but due to it’s large voulume it’s still plenty bouncy, I’m finding it really good on the XC type riding I do and because of it’s slightly bigger rolling diameter and much more even tread pattern than the WTB Stout I was running it’s smoother and faster on the road. On sandy and muddy’ish trails it perfroms well and I find climbing with it better.
…however I think it’s not so good with severe road camber (but nowhere near as bad as a Big Apple), although I find counteracting road camber easy by just riding with the kerb side hand on the seat handle, it sort of ‘pulls’ me straight.

Well I got close :roll_eyes:

Also worth checking out is the Scwalbe Racing Ralph 2.4. I have one and love it, mostly because of its super light weight. For technical riding the WTB Stout stills seems the most popular choice though.

I hope you told them what you thought of their fowl behaviour.