Attack....part 2

I know it’s taken forever and I’m sorry for all who have been waiting…
but here it is…
Attack of the elves…part 2!

Comments please on the editing…I took a while trying to make this as good as possible!

rush hour lol editing went with music mostly. which is always good thing

How’d you hurt your foot? Fun movie but too short! Dude you definitely need to come visit me in Santa Barbara and ride campus with me. You’d love it. A lot.

I tried jumping onto a rail going fowards that was about a ft up from where I was jumping but about 5 ft from the ground on the other side. I didn’t jump far enough and was able to jump over it but I landed bad on my foot.
Yea I wanna come ride pretty bad! I’ll try to get up there once I’m healed!

Mmmmmm sweaty tea-cosey. I know the feeling. I hate taking them off.

Part 2?? What the?? lol.

Cool line, revs up things look so weird, but awesome.

nice :slight_smile:
awesome spot over there !!! :astonished:

I liked the understated dancing!
Riding was good too…