attaching water bottle to KH 29

How do you attach a water bottle to a KH 29? I can’t figure it out. There isn’t enough space it seems. I use my 29er for xc so please don’t suggest that I should mount a T7 handle. :slight_smile:

use a water-bottle holder and try hot glue gunning it on. Or use those metal bands that are used to hold pipes for a less permanent fix.

i’d use a bag, it might rattle out offroad.

Ok, I hot glue the bottle on the unicycle, but where?

You can use these gismos
to bolt your waterbottle holder to, and it clips to your frame without permanently marking it.


Edit: I would mount it on the back of the seatpost tube to avoid catching it with your legs while riding, but you’ll need to be taller than average to be able to fit a bottle and get it out without the saddle getting in the way.

Touché. As I am Mr Average there is not enough seatpost to attach the bottle. And placing the bottle horizontally under the saddle either in front or aft would make it stick out. And then it would be smashed when … I mean if I upd.

Perhaps this is an insoluble problem. And since I don’t dig camelbacks I will probably die from thirst.

Yes i think if you can’t get it vertically under the seat then you’re frankly stuffed, grab a rucksack to stick it in.

You can get water bottle mounts that attach to your seat post, and the bottle sticks out behind the seat like this:

In the winter (when I don’t need the 3 liters from a camelbak) I use a fanny pack with two water bottle holders in it.

Something like this.

Mine holds two bottles. It’s less intrusive than a camelbak, but bounces around more than a camelbak if you do much hopping. It’s relatively safe as a spot to stash a cell phone and/or camera, too.

do you have a rail adapter? maybe you can mount a water bottle on section for a brake.

Hm, yes but wouldn’t it be better to mount it to the front since the front part of the saddle is longer than the rear part? But then it would have to be tilted so you can pull the bottle out.

With all due respect to people of incredible height – if you consider the free space that is needed above/in front of a bottle cage in order to be able to pull the bottle out – there are probably many riders that can’t use the most desirable place: vertically along the seat post.

I tried a T7 handle on my KH29 today with a bottle cage mounted in front.
I would definitely not recommend that, because the bottle cage mounts come loose easily and the bottle is touching my thighs a lot.
So I guess the camelbak is the most convenient solution I know of, although I would prefer going without a backpack if there was an alternative…

You could use a brake mount like someone else suggested and the bottle cage adapter in combination.

Good idea except I fear there will be plenty of bouncing …

Gah, maybe i should just give in and do like everybody else – get myself a camelback. :o

I use one of those profile design holders for my 36, and it holds two bottles behind me just great. In the picture, I also have a third (huge!) bottle mounted under my T7, but the holder I’m talking about is in the rear. Right now, that’s all I use, though I do want that third bottle for longer rides now that I have a geared hub (I burn more water now, it’s weird!) It’s quite perfect for my unicycle!

Edit: it just clamps right to your seatpost. It’ll work on both a 25.4 and 27.2 (I just used a bit of tube to shim for the 25.4 seatpost, and it fits the 27.2 perfectly, because that’s what most bikes use.) It’s pretty sweet, because with the rear holder, plus the big bottle up front, I can carry a full 2 liters of water without having to wear a klunky camelback. (I hate things on my back…)

Correction! Don’t you have two geared hubs now? Any plans for the second?

And back on topic: Isn’t there a “Hip Sip” for sale in the trading post?

For muni you can try bottle on the frame - it does make the handling not so good though, particularly when hopping, and you can lose it / break the holders in a crash.

In terms of camelbaks - one thing that a lot of people who don’t use camelbaks, or only use the big camelbaks or imitation camelbaks often don’t realise is quite how small the racing camelbaks are. I’ve got a normal bag type camelbak that I use for long rides, and also a racing one - which is a camelbak rogue, which is the 2nd smallest I think. It has just enough space for tools/pump/key, and somewhere you can stuff a jumper / windproof down, but no other storage space. It is surprising how small and non-noticeable it is on your back compared to a normal rucksack, even once you’ve got a litre of water in it (it fits 2 litres, but doesn’t slosh around if you only half fill it).

There is also the ‘hydrobak’ which is even smaller, with just a key pocket, nothing else, and 1.5l capacity.


zip ty it to your frame on the back right over your wheel jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjiiiiijjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

I have one of these which I use for mid distances. It really is so light that you don’t know you’ve got it on. I carry the water, my mobile phone and my keys. Also I have a bell attached to one of the straps.

It’s not really so bad. When I was training for a marathon, I wore one when we were going on long runs (15+ miles) with few water possibilities. Even running, with the constant jogging up and down, it wasn’t bad. I’d wear these all the time for muni, but they don’t hold enough water for the 100+ degree days of summer riding where I live.