Attaching a rail adapter...?

I was at a friend’s house earlier and noticed that the neighbors were throwing away two perfectly good bicycle frames! I did what any good unicyclist would do, and packed them into my trunk to take them home and make into unicycles :). So now I have two nice frames (a mongoose mountain bike with 24"/26" rear tire (didnt measure yet), gel seat, rail adapter, and nicer pedals than what I have, and a smaller (maybe stunt bike?) bare frame).

I was thinking that it might be nice to cut some of the gel out of the seat and put it into my Torker LX seat, so I’ll handle that, but I can’t figure out how to attach this rail-adapter (i think that’s what it is?) to my seat. I would really like to be able to position my seat a little bit differently, and I can tell that this thing on the bottom of the gel seat would allow me to do this, but it has three places that attach to a seat, and my current seat (miyata style) has four…

If anyone has any ideas as to what I might be able to do with these parts, I’d like to hear them!

I was thinking of making a geared-up unicycle…

well i believe for the rail adapter you need a different seatpost

one like this

o wups sorry i re read it and now after reading that i dont believe you can attach them without changing things. i may be wrong though.

Generally, if you want to make your unicycle seat more positionable, you put a rail type seat post in your frame. You then need to buy a rail adaptor that bolts onto the four hole system that a uni seat uses. So if the seat post fits, use it. But I don’t think there is a bike seat out there that uses the same rail setup, a lot of them don’t even come off.

Hope this helps.


Yeah, it looks like it would take quite an effort to get these things to work together.

Oh well.

Once I get a hacksaw from the other house I plan to saw off the end of the tube near the handlebar-holder/aligner and put a seatpost & seat in there. It will be a slightly-reclined unicycle with gears and a 700c x 35mm wheel.