Does anybody know how good there pedals are??? I’m keen to get some of there pedals

they looks quite nice and slim… but I would prefer some more pins… :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine fell apart after only a short time. The company didn’t replace them. :frowning: I then bought the speedplay drilliums and they have been the best pedal I’ve ever had! :slight_smile:

ok thanks Terry.

The new atom labs are probably better and have greatly improved since I had mine. I couldn’t find any current reviews on the exact pedal you linked to, but I found this and they get 4/5 stars:

The Drilliums look like they would offer a lot of grip, but they are so expensive. My feet are always slipping off of my Odyssey Trail Mix pedals.

I thought my atomlabs were great until the bearings exploded. Fixing them is a right old pain, you need a pair of circlip pliers in the right size (as well as getting hold of the particular bearings they use).

I now use DMR V8s. They are cheap, and maintaining them is just a matter of squirting some grease in the special grease squirting hole once a year or so. I think loose bearing pedals are better than the more expensive sealed bearing pedals, at least if you ride muni in wet weather & mud.


I like DMR V8s as well. I’ve got two pairs and both are still going strong after a few years (I think one pair is four years old, the other is a bit newer). Like Joe says, pump a bit of grease in every now and then and they’re happy (although I do tend to strip them down completely every year or so when I’m feeling fussy). It’s usually pretty wet and gritty round where I am, so they get a fairly hard life.

They’re not expensive, nice and grippy and last for ages - and spares are readily available if bits to manage to break. They’re not particularly thin though (pretty much like a normal DX-type pedal), so if you like skinny pedals like the Drilliums or Atomlabs they may be too fat.


Thanks they look nice and light…