Atomlab Trailkings

My Trailkings are here! $90 of pure light wieght, lifetime spindle garentee, and big spikes! Ill post pics tomarrow when I get my camera hooked up.

too bad it took a week to get here. we orderd last monday night, not realizing that tuesday was also not a shipping day at danscomp. oh well, there sweet!

Max, I just checked out some reviews of the Trailkings here;
Looks like they have a problem with the pedal sliding off the spindle. Be careful.



wow those are some bitter reviews.

Yikes, that would be a bummer. I had similar problems with my Easton pedals. The bearing would come apart and if the bearing came apart completely the pedal could have fallen off the spindle. Fortunately the pedal never did fall completely off the spindle because I would replace the bearings before that could happen. Looks like you’ll have to keep a supply of bearings on hand for the Trailkings just like I had to do for my Eastons. Just replace the bearings when the pedals get loose and the bearings start to fall apart. Hopefully you can find an inexpensive but quality source for the bearings used in the pedal. Maybe a different brand of bearings than what comes stock on the pedal will hold up better? Cartridge bearings are not good at taking lateral loads and that’s what ends up destroying them and causing them to come apart.

My Atom Lab Aircorps have been rock solid. But they use a different design for the spindle and bearings than the Trailkings.

I don’t know what type of o-rings the Trailkings use. If they are wimpy o-rings maybe replacing them with beefier o-rings will help keep the pedal from wiggling around as much and weakening the bearings. Just a thought. I had to replace the stock o-rings in my Aircorps with more beefy o-rings (just standard o-rings that I got at a hardware store) because the stock o-rings didn’t hold up. As a plus the beefier o-rings seem to make the pedal more stable on the spindle.

the spindle setup looks about the same as on your aircorps, so they seem like they might be good.

Also John, how often did this happen?

The Eastons needing bearing replacement?
I had the Eastons about a year. I think I replaced the bearings twice. I can’t really remember now. But I don’t do pedal grabs and other things that would accelerate bearing destruction.

I think Kris may have had an Easton fall off the spindle. When I was riding the Eastons Kris asked if I had ever had an Easton fall off the spindle. I assume that means he had it happen to him.

so It shouldnt be frequent, or worried about it ever time I ride? I tried them out for about an hour today and am impressed with the grip.

When the bearings are falling apart the pedal will be noticeably loose. No matter how tight you try to tighten the end nut the pedal will still be loose. It’s not a situation where one minute the pedal is rock solid and the next it’s flying off the spindle.

As long as you keep an eye on the pedals and watch for when the start to get loose (sliding side to side on the spindle) you’ll notice the bearings starting to fall apart before they actually do. Pull the pedal body off occasionally and check the bearing races to make sure they’re still snug. What happens is that the outer race, bearings, and inner race all become separated and slide out like a telescoping spyglass.

I just got some DK iron crosses and these things are beefy but have more grip than I have ever felt in anyother pedal. Each side has 15 massive steel spikes your feet feel glued to the pedals. They may be a little on the heavy side but I dont notice it when I’m hopping at all or when I’m riding. I also havent seen any loss in my vertical because of it.

I havent heard of anyone else riding them in combo with a uni. But the bike reviews I have read says they are bomb proof.

Hope your pedals stay on the spindles!


Thanks john. I think quality sounds like a decent place to get bearings, and I think they stock the “enduro” heavy duty ones. so I might just put a pair of bearings in my camelbak and check to feel for loosnesss.

and yes chex, I most certainly do to.