Atlantic to Black Sea on 1Wheel

Unicycle Trip across Europe using the 4,171km long bicycle route (EuroVelo 6) that runs from the Atlantic Ocean in France to the Black Sea and that follows 3 of the largest rivers in Europe: the Loire, Rhine and Danube. Using bike routes or low traffic streets where possible, the route crosses ten countries (France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria & Romania).

4,171 km
1,540,820 revolutions
73 days (70 days riding, 3 days sight seeing)
57 km / day average
13 UPD’s (unplanned dismount = fall)
5 flats
3 faults (wheel bearing, luggage suspension, strap of backpack)

Welcome to the forum!

Video bookmarked for watching later tonight. From the small bit I watched, it looks like a good watch :slight_smile:

Congrats on completing an epic journey. Are there many roads with traffic then?
Also, what length cranks did you use?

That’s some adventure Hans! Thanks for sharing your journey with, and inspiring some of us lesser unicyclists.


Nice too see, you passed my hometown Regensburg.

Wasn’t Regensburg in the news recently for some significant archaeological find?

I used a KH 36" with 127/150 cranks (only using the 127 position)

I used a KH 36" with 127/150 cranks (only using the 127 position)

>> regarding traffic, I used bikeroads or low traffic streets with preference and experienced bad traffic only leaving Budapest, approaching and leaving Belgrade and finally, Constanta at the Black Sea has a lot of angry traffic

Hi Dida

Regensburg is a fantastic place with a great history (Romans, Turn & Taxis etc). I really enjoyed walking through the old city!

That was an amazing ride. Thanks for sharing.

I have a new hero, and his name is Hans Howald. Congratulations! :astonished: :sunglasses: :D;)

Wow, what an epic ride! Congratulations! Did you do the ride by yourself?
Very impressive! (and only 13 UPDs! wow!)

Very inspirational, Hansino.


So glad you took the time to record it. It’s very inspirational. Thank you!

Yes, I traveled alone without any support.
Regardind the UPD’s, without being familiar with the exact definition, I counted 13 falls, 5 of them on the feet and 8 to the (hard) ground meaning that I was unexpectedly thrown off. Quite frankly I feel that this was more then enough!

Of course, I went on and off much more often in a more or less controlled way.


Must’ve been fun.

Love the stork nest on the power pole!!

73 days…where is your luggage Hans? Did you really travel with just that itty bitty backpack? :wink:

I had two little seat pockets in front (mounted on the handle bar) and one larger seat bag on the back. All the rest had to go into the backpack what turned out to be problematic as it made me suffering quite a bit. After about 500 km, I further reduced my luggage and sent a 2,5 kg parcel home by mail with a little note saying that the rest will arrive later…

How did you sleep?
Hotel, tent?
In Bulgaria and Romania is it hard to find hotels or bed&breakfast?
It would be nice if cou could give us a list of your luggage.

>> You can find luggage details in the pictures: