Atlanta Unicycle Club T-Shirts Are HERE!

Here they are in all their glory.:smiley: I am really thankful to all of you who participated in the logo design contest. Jay Are Smith’s Logo won and is on the front, and Andrew Carter’s logo was also used on the back of the shirt. I hope to use many of the logo’s in flyers and future shirts, because they all appeal to different people. If you want one of these T-Shirts send check, money order, cash, your first born… to me.:smiley: Or $15 postage paid or $12 in person.

Igot the shirts today so if you want to be the envy, not only of your neighborhood, but of unicyclists worldwide send me a note reserving yours today. This a limited offer on a first come, first served basis.(or the highest bidder) Oh alright, they’ll be $12 and we’ll make more if needed. But seriously don’t wait, you know you want to be the first to sport one of these bad to the bone, stylin, profilin, bad mama jamma, funky, T-Shirts.

And my beautiful daughter sporting her new shirt…

Too bad I dont live in atlanta…


I just sent in a check for my TCUC Betty’s shirt, so I’m going to pass. But your girl is a little sweetie, to be sure.

Why would that be a requirement? People wear shirts from other clubs all the time. Especially when they look this cool.