Atlanta Unicycle Club Logo Contest Winner

Here it is… The winner.

I am also including a link to all of the great submissions we received. I am very greatful to all of the artists/graphic designers who took the time to design and submit a logo. I would love to hear what logos people liked and why. I would be really dissapointed if anyone took the opportunity to criticise the efforts of those who took the time to make an entry. So please keep your comments POSITIVE.

Atlanta Unicycle Club Logo Entries


Where do I buy the t-shirt? The Mug? The bumper sticker?

You forgot to tell us- WHO is the winner???I would pick etheir that one or # 12

Once I get the file (not .jpg) I will send it to the printer, and get pricing. I just found out last week that my old business partner just opened up a T-Shirt printing business and has all new state of the art equipment. I am hoping to get a deal, seeing as I already send him serious $$$ every month.:smiley:

I am going to check into stickers as well. I hope to have everything done in a couple of weeks. Definitely before July 4th and NAUCC.

The winner was 1-less-wheel, he does this for a living, which probably didn’t hurt. Well maybe a little, because they got real busy over the last 2 months, and he didn’t have the free time to edit his original image. No harm done though.

Pffffft, both those out lines are Kris.


hasnt Kris been in enough videos and pics?

Actually they were photos of me reinacting a KH pose.:smiley:

I get mistaken for him all the time.:wink:

Good choice bugman. Looks nice and good luck with the club.

Thanks Raphael, Maybe one of these days we’ll make it up to your neck of the woods and ride the LBI.

That would be great. We had a guy from Georgia ride it 3 or 4 years ago.

It’s also my intention to get down to the Atlanta area in this lifetime to check out the Drummond’s operation - unis and banjos - and I’d love to meet up with your club.


Couldn’t help yourself could you? Did you read my first post? I looked through all the creative entries, and somehow couldn’t find yours.

Just for the record I offered bugman some silohouettes of me unicycling, but “paunch enhanced unicycling (PEU)” just isn’t on his radar yet. Give it time, though.

But since they came out so similar to the originals, the originals were used instead, right? :smiley:

It’s a great looking logo!

Oh wait, that explains why the one on the right makes his ass look so big. :wink: